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About the 3CE Lipstick in Philippines

This South Korean makeup brand was established in 2009 under the umbrella label, Stylenanda. The name 3CE stands for 3 Concept Eyes and their goal is to bring South Korean beauty trends internationally. A3CE makeup products, especially their lipsticks, are becoming fans’ favorites because of their high-quality and all-natural ingredients. Below are some of the variations of 3CE lipsticks suitable for everyone.

Lip Color 3CE Lip Colors come in a form of original, matte, and liquid. They have a texture similar to a primer and it glides easily on the lips without tugging any dead skin. All their Lip Color products are highly pigmented and blends flawlessly to avoid the appearance of harsh lines. Some of the available shades are Pink Skirt (pink beige), XOXO (red), Real Peach, Milk Tangerine, Bella (magenta), and Coco (neutral soft orange).
Lip Lacquer The 3CE Lip Lacquer combines lipsticks and lip gloss into one. It uses lip gloss packaging and application wand for easy application. 12 colors are available for you to choose from like Super Coral (soft pink), Desert flower (deep purple), Fever (bright red), Bon Bon (neutral peach), and Bubble Gum (neon purple).
Lip Crayon 3CE Lip Crayons can substitute lip liners as the fine tip and texture can outline your lips easily. These Lip Crayons have a moisturizing finish and comes in bold shades like My Dear (light purple), Popping P (deep purple), Mad Red, Orange Hug, and Gimme More (plum), Cream Orange, Neon Pink, Bohemian Pink, Pop Orange, Oh, My Pink, Woman to Woman (bright red), and Pink Smoothie.
Lip Marker 3CE Lip Markers all have felt tips for easy application. It gives a sheer finish, perfect to build up or to create a gradient lip. The rich pigment and long-lasting power makes the Lip Marker Korean actresses’ favorites like as seen in the TV Drama, Angry Mom. The available shades are Red, Pink, Orange, Raspberry Pink, Indian Red, Crimson Pink, and Maroon Pink.
Lip Pigment 3CE Lip Pigments texture is soft and creamy; it can stay on your lips for a long period of time without smudging. You can choose Lip Pigments in the colors of Bright Orange, Electro Pink, Issue (red), Mellow Pink, Mink beige, Wild Yellow, and Modern White.
Barbapapa Lip Color 3CE collaborated with cartoon character Barbarapa to create a line of products with neutral colors. The Barbapapa Lip Colors are available in pink and peach shades. Other 3CE x Barbapapa products include an eyeshadow palette, brush kits, and cushion foundation.
Pot Lip The 3CE Pot Lip comes in a cute rose-shaped packaging. This ultra-glossy and moisturizing lip product is small and portable so you can slip it in your makeup pouch. They come in the colors of Tinted Pink, Coral, Red, Brick Red, and a clear one with a minty finish.
Glow Jam Stick The 3CE Glow Jam Sticks are triangular lipsticks designed for higher precision. The formula is similar to the 3CE Lip Color but the Glow Jam Stick adds a plumping effect. The colors that you can choose from are Some Def (bright pink fuschia), Longing (coral hue), Pink Potion, Kissy (bright orange), and Splendid (bright red).

After choosing the perfect 3CE lipstick for you, browse through other 3CE products like foundations, concealers, eyeliners, and blushes. Also, check out discounts and offers from our partner online vendors here. Happy shopping!

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