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Acer is known for producing reliable and high-performance laptops to fulfill all entertainment and work needs of their users. The Aspire line of laptops are the most renowned devices in Acer’s inventory. Find out more about Acer Aspire Philippines here or browse the products below.

About CANRY : CANRY is a professional manufacturer, Specializing in providing high quality laptop batteries and chargers with low price. Each product is produced and tested under strict quality control standards, ensure both safety and stability of your laptop. Any problem, please feel free to contact with us, we will reply at first time, and support you until you are satisfied. Compatible Models: Asus Aspire R11 R3 R7 S3 R3-131T R3-471T R7-571 R7-572 S3-371 S3-391 S3-951 R3-131T-C1YF R3-131T-C28S R3-131T-P344 R3-131T-P7HA R3-471T-5039 R3-471T-54T1 R3-471T-76BM R7-571-6858 R7-572-6423 S3-391-6046 S3-391-6423 S3-391-6497 S3-391-6899 S3-391-9499 S3-951-6464 Acer Aspire: E15 E14 E11 ES1 E5 E3 E1 F15 E5-532 E5-575G E5-574G E5-573T E5-573G E5-573 E5-551 E5-522 E3-111 E1-431 E1-470P E1-522 E1-531 E1-532 E1-532P E1-570 E1-571 E1-572 E1-572P E1-731 E1-771 F5-571T ES1-411 ES1-512 ES1-521 ES1-531 ES1-533 ES1-572 ES1-711 E5-521-23KH E5-521-24PQ E5-532-P3D4 E5-571-563B E5-571G-38VF E5-571P-55TL E5-571P-59QA E5-573-P0DP E5-573G-52G3 E5-573G-56RG E5-573G-57HR E5-573G-59C3 E5-574G-52QU E5-575G-53VG E5-575G-76YK E1-470P-6659 E1-472P-6860 E1-531-2438 E1-532-2616 E1-571-6680 E1-571-6837 E1-572-6829 E1-572-6870 E3-111-C0QT E3-111-C0WA ES1-111M-C40S ES1-511-C59V ES1-511-C7YP ES1-512-C1PW ES1-512-C323 ES1-512-C88M ES1-512-P9GT ES1-711-P14W Acer Aspire Timeline Ultra M5 M3 M3-581T M5-481PT M5-481T M5-481TG M5-581T M5-582PT M5-583P M5-481PT-6488 M5-481PT-6644 M5-481TG-6814 M5-581T-6405 M5-581T-6807 M5-581TG-6666 M5-582PT-6852 M5-583P-5859 M5-583P-6428 M5-583P-6637 M5-583P-9688 Read more
Compatible Part Numbers To ensure compatibility, please cross check if the part number (located at the back of your original battery) is listed in the Fits Parts Number list. Ctrl + F to search the model AK.006BT.020,AK.006BT.025,AS07A31,AS07A32,AS07A41,AS07A42,AS07A51,AS07A52, AS07A71,AS07A72 BT.00603.036,BT.00607.013,BT.00607.019,BT.00607.066,BT.00607.067,BT.00607.068,BTP-AS4520G,LC.BTP00.012,MS2219,MS2220,Z01,Z03 Compatible Models •Acer Aspire 4220,4230,4235,4240,4320,4330,4332,4336,4732Z,4925G,5235,5236,5241,5334,5338,5734Z,5737Z,7715Z,AS5740 •Acer Aspire 2930 Series: 2930,2930-582G25Mn,2930-593G25Mn,2930-733G25Mn,2930-734G32Mn,2930-844G32Mn,2930G,2930Z,2930Z-322G25Mn,2930Z-343G16Mn •Acer Aspire 4315,4315-2904,4520,4520-5141,4520G •Acer Aspire 4530 Series: 4530,4530-5267,4530-5350,4530-5627,4530-5889,4530-6823 •Acer Aspire 4535,4535G,4710,4710G,4710Z,4715Z,4715Z-3A0512C •Acer Aspire 4720 Serie: 4720,4720G,4720Z,4720ZG •Acer Aspire 4730 Series: 4730,4730-4516,4730-4947,4730Z,4730ZG •Acer Aspire 4736 Series: 4736,4736-2,4736G,4736G-2,4736Z,4736ZG,4736ZG-2 •Acer Aspire 4740 Series :4740,4740G,4740G-332G50Mn,4740G-432G50Mn •Acer Aspire 4920 Series: 4920,4920-1A2G12Mi,4920G,4920G-302G25Mi,4920G-3A2G16Mn •Acer Aspire 4930 Series:4930,4930G,4935,4935G,4935G-644G32Mn Aspire 4937,4937G,5335,5335Z,5517-5086,5517-5671,5535,5535-704G32Mn,5536,5536G,5735,5735Z,5735Z-582G16Mn •Acer Aspire 5740 Series: 5740,5740-13,5740-13F,5740-15,5740-15F,5740-5144,5740-5513,5740-5749,5740-5780,5740-6491,740D3D,5740DG,5740DG-332G50Mn,5740G,5740G-336G50Mn,5740G-524G64Mnb,5740G-5309 •Aspire 5541,5541G,5732Z,5732ZG •Acer Aspire 5738 Series: 5738,5738-2,5738DG,5738DZG,5738G,5738PZG,5738Z,738Z-2,5738ZG,5738ZG-2 Copyright © 2015 ALipower Technology LLC. All Rights Reserved Read more

Top Acer Aspire Laptops to Satisfy Your Various Needs

Acer is one of the veterans in the technology industry, founded more than 30 years ago in Taiwan. Acer eventually grew to become one of the biggest laptop manufacturers in the world. Being globally recognised experts in producing top-quality laptops, Acer has a wide selection of laptops for you to choose from. Whether it is for work or for play, Acer laptops are more than capable of fulfilling all your needs. Some of Acer’s most noteworthy Aspire laptop models include:

Acer Aspire S13

Highly regarded as one of the best laptops in Acer’s Aspire family of laptops, the Acer Aspire S13 is a standout value-for-money device that features remarkable specs. The device measures less than an inch thick, yet it features impressive specifications such as powerful 6th Gen Intel Core i7 processors, 256GB SSD worth of storage, and a vivid Full-HD (1920p x 1080p) display resolution with multi-touch support and IPS technology. Its portability and power make the Acer Aspire S13 laptop the ideal travel laptop for both work and entertainment.

Acer Aspire One Cloudbook

Besides high-end laptops, Acer also produces budget laptops that are reliable and deliver commendable performance without needing to pay a hefty amount of money. The Aspire One Cloudbook is one of Acer’s best affordable laptops in its extensive product inventory. Sporting a 14-inch screen and a complete version of Windows 10, the device is a powerhouse that delivers performance beyond what it price suggests. Moreover, the Aspire One Cloudbook also boasts battery life up to 14.5 hours on a single full charge for users to enjoy more productivity before needing to recharge. For individuals who want to enjoy the flexibility of Windows and an ultra-affordable notebook, the Cloudbook is a worthy choice.

Acer Aspire R13

If your main priority is productivity on the go, then look further than the Acer Aspire R13. This versatile device that enables you to work in more ways than one. Acer places the R13’s screen on a swivelling hinge, thus producing a thin and light notebook that can be used in more positions than most laptops can. Besides its versatility, the R13 is also powerful enough to get a lot of work done thanks to its speedy SSD drives and strong overall performance. The Aspire R13’s flexibility also means that the device is great for other functions such as taking notes or doodling with the brand’s Active Stylus.

Acer Aspire V17 Nitro Black Edition

A device that is the perfect combination of physical aesthetics and excelled performance, the Aspire V17 Nitro Black Edition are packed with enough power to offer flawless gaming. The laptop is equipped with a Nvidia GTX 1060 GPU and Intel Core i7 CPU to support its superior gaming capabilities and VR experiences. Although the Aspire V17 is known as a gaming laptop, its looks are professional enough to be taken to work or school. The awesome speakers and comfortable keyboard equipped on this device make it a standout multimedia and gaming machine.