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OMCreate® Laptop Battery Capacity: 5200mAh/58Wh Voltage: 11.1V Cells: 6-cell Certification: CE FCC RoHS Color: Black Compatible Part Numbers To ensure compatibility,please cross check if the part number (located at the back of your original battery) is listed in the Fits Parts Number list. Ctrl + F to search the model 934C2130F / AK.006BT.021 / BT.00603.012 / BT.00603.014 / BT.00603.026 / BT.00603.039 / BT.00603.040 / BT.00604.005 / BT.00604.006 / BT.00604.017 / BT.00605.002 / BT.00605.003 / BT.00605.006 / BT.00605.007 / BT.00605.027 / BT.00607.003 / BT.00607.009 / BT.00607.018 / BT.00903.004 / BT.00904.003 / BT.00907.003 / BTP-ANJ1 / BTP-AMJ1 / BTP-ANJ1 / BTP-AOJ1 / BTP-APJ1 / BTP-AQJ1 / BTP-ARJ1 / BTP-AS3620 / BTP-ASJ1 / BTP-B2J1 / BTP-BQJ1 / BTP-TM6231 / GARDA31 / GARDA32 / GARDA53 / LC.BTP00.021 / LC.BTP00.022 / LC.BTP01.010 / LC.BTP01.011 / LC.TG600.001 / MS2180 / MS2181 / MS2204 / MS2211 / MS2229 / MS2230 / Q20154 / TM-2007A / TM07A72 / TM07B41 / TM07B71 Compatible Models Aspire 2420/2920/2920Z/3620/3620A/3624/3640/3641/3642/3650/3651//3670/5540/5543//5550/5560/5590 Series Extensa 3100/3102/4120/4220/4420/4620/4620z/4630/4630G/4630ZG/4630Z Series Ferrari 1100/1100-5457/1100-552G16Mn/1100-702G25Mn/1100-704G25Mi/1100-704G25Mn TravelMate 2420/2423/2424/2440/2441/2442/2470/3242/3250/3252/3280/3282/3283/3290/3293/3295/3295WXMi/3300WXMi/3301/3301WXCi/3302NWXCi/3302NWXNi/3302WXCi/3302WXMib/3302XMi/3304NWXCi/3304NWXNi/3304WXCi/3304WXNi/3304XCi/3330/4235/4320/433/4335/4520/4530/4720-6011/4720-6202/4720-6206/4720-6213/4720-6218/4720-6220/4720-6336/4720-6396/4720-6410/4720-6704/4720-6727/4720-6756/4720-6781/4720-6851/4720-9851/4730-6405/4730-6447/4730-6764/4730-6898/4730-6916/4730G/6230/6231/6231-100 Series
Safety & Excellence Features: * No memory effect, fast charge * Low power consumption IC design * Fully compatible with the original laptops (models listed below) * Tested with strict quality control standards * Over-charge protection * Over-discharge protection * Over-heat protection * Over-current protection * Short-circuit protection * High capacity circulatory function Compatible with These Original Part Numbers:934C2130F,BT.00603.014,BT.00603.026,BT.00603.039,BT.00604.005,BT.00604.006,BT.00605.006,BT.00605.007,BT.00605.027,BT.00607.009,BT.00607.018,BT.00907.003,BTP-AMJ1,BTP-ANJ1,BTP-AOJ1,BTP-APJ1,BTP-AQJ1,BTP-ARJ1,BTP-B2J1,BTP-BQJ1,BTP-TM6231,GARDA31,LC.BTP01.010,LC.BTP01.011,MS2180,MS2204,MS2211,MS2229,MS2230,Q20154,TM-2007A,TM07A72,AK.006BT.021,BT.00603.044,BT.00604.027,LC.BTP00.021,LC.TG600.001 Fits Machine Models: Aspire 2420,Aspire 2920,Aspire 3620,Aspire 3640,Aspire 3670,Aspire 5540,Aspire 5560,Aspire 5590,Extensa 3100,Extensa 4120,Extensa 4220,Extensa 4620,Extensa 4720,Ferrari 1100,TravelMate 2420,TravelMate 2440,TravelMate 2470,TravelMate 3240,TravelMate 3250,TravelMate 3280,TravelMate 3300,TravelMate 4320,TravelMate 4520,TravelMate 4720,TravelMate 6231,TravelMate 6291,TravelMate 6292,TravelMate 6492,Aspire 3620A,Aspire 3623,Aspire 3628,Aspire 3640,Aspire 5541,Aspire 5542,Aspire 5550,Aspire 5552,Aspire 5562,Aspire 5563,Aspire 5596,Extensa 4130,Extensa 4230,Extensa 4620Z,Extensa 4630,Extensa 4630Z,TravelMate 2420A,TravelMate 2424,TravelMate 2428,TravelMate 3010,Travelmate 4730G,TravelMate 6231,TravelMate 6252,TravelMate 6293,Travelmate 6452,TravelMate 6493,TravelMate 6553,TravelMate 6593,TravelMate 6593G,TM2420,TM2440,TM2470,TM3240,TM3250,TM3280,TM3290,TM3300,TM4320,TM4520,TM4720,TM6231,TM6291,TM2423,TM2424,TM3010,TM3242,TM3282,TM3284,TM3302,TM4320,TM4730,TM6231,TM6252,TM6493,TM6553,TM6593 Please make sure that the battery part numbers listed in the description matches the battery part number on your original battery before you purchase.
Sold and shiped exclusively by AC Doctor INC. 12 Months warranty. Compatible with the following listed parts numbers: Acer LC.BTP00.017 LC.BTP00.043 LC.BTP00.046 UM08A31 UM08A32 UM08A51 UM08A52 UM08A71 UM08A72 UM08A73 UM08A74 UM08B31 UM08B32 UM08B52 UM08B71 UM08B72 UM08B73 UM08B74 Gateway UM08A31 UM08A73 Suitable with the following laptop models: Acer Aspire One 10.1 (Black), Aspire One 571, Aspire One 8.9" (Black), Aspire One A110-1691, Aspire One A110-1698, Aspire One A110-1722, Aspire One A110- 1812, Aspire One A110-1948, Aspire One A110-Ab, Aspire One A110-Ac, Aspire One A110-AGb, Aspire One A110-AGc, Aspire One A110-Bb, Aspire One A110-Bc, Aspire One A110-BGb, Aspire One A110L blau, Aspire One A110X Black Edition, Aspire One A150-1049, Aspire One A150-1249, Aspire One A150-1382, Aspire One A150-1447, Aspire One A150-1493, Aspire One A150-1532, Aspire One A150-1570, Aspire One A150-1983, Aspire One A150-Ab, Aspire One A150-Ac, Aspire One A150-Bb, Aspire One A150-Bb1, Aspire One A150-Bbdom, Aspire One A150-Bc, Aspire One A150-Bc1, Aspire One A150-Bcdom, Aspire One A150-BGb, Aspire One A150-BGc, Aspire One A150-Bk, Aspire One A150-Bk1, Aspire One A150-Bkdom, Aspire One A150-Bp1, Aspire One A150-Bpdom, Aspire One A150-Bwdom, Aspire One A150L blau, Aspire One A150X blau, Aspire One D150-1044, Aspire One D150-1125, Aspire One D150-1165, Aspire One D150-1197, Aspire One D150-1322, Aspire One D150-1462, Aspire One D150-1577, Aspire One D150-1587, Aspire One D150-1606, Aspire One D150-1647, Aspire One D150-1860, Aspire One D150-1920, Aspire One D150-1B, Aspire One D150-1Bk, Aspire One D150-1Br, Aspire One D150-Bb73, Aspire One D150-Bbdom, Aspire One D150-Bk73, Aspire One D150-Bkdom, Aspire One D150-Br73, Aspire One D150-Brdom, Aspire One D150-Bw73, Aspire One D150-Bwdom, Aspire One D250-1026, Aspire One D250-1042, Aspire One D250-1116, Aspire One D250-1151, Aspire One D250-1165, Aspire One ZG5

Acer Computing Accessories Philippines

We offer a wide array of Acer Computing Accessories with discounts of up to 71%! Popular Computing Accessories choices from Acer are usually the Aspire One D255 Keyboard, Aspire 6920 Laptop Battery and Aspire One ZG5 Laptop Battery collection. If you are not sure about having Acer Computing Accessories, you can also check out other products from brands such as HP, ed and Dell. With iprice you can find your ideal Acer Computing Accessories for ₱ 223.00 - ₱ 113,223.00. From upright Laptop Batteries, Chargers and Monitors iprice offers a wide range of Acer Computing Accessories that would suit your needs. Many consumers would choose Acer Computing Accessories that are White, Blue and Black for a more stylish, modern look.

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