Acer laptops and computers come with specific hardware that you just can’t replace with any brand. That’s why if you’re planning to assemble your own Acer computer or provide a fix to your Acer laptop, you should be familiar with these different types of Acer hardware. Click here to read more.


Two Essential Computer Hardware from Acer Philippines

Acer is a brand well known for their affordable yet highly efficient computer solutions. It’s a go-to brand for people who want an efficient computer without breaking their bank. Aside from a wide range of computers and laptops, Acer also offers computer hardware for people who are needing a fix to their computers or laptops or for those who just prefer to make their own full-fledged computer. Whether you just need a fix or you want to build or upgrade your own system, here are two essential computer hardware that Acer is well-known to be a manufacturer of.


Pretty much like any other computing brand, Acer hardware also has its own line of motherboards which caters to the various needs of many computer users. Below are some of the most prominent motherboards which provide different computer solutions from hardcore gaming to casual computing needs.

Acer Aspire The Aspire is basically the most popular series of Acer’s computers which basically echoes the name of its processor. This motherboard can run on an Intel processor with NVDIA as its graphics. These two processing units are among the most efficient yet affordable, which is why Acer’s aspire computers are getting more attention that the rest of its models.
Acer Predator This motherboard is dedicated for gaming due to its high-performance futuristic computer chassis. This provides users the ability to overclock their computer to suit a game’s demand for power. However, it does not provide a lot of room for upgrade. If you are a hardcore gamer, this is the best motherboard from Acer that could do the job for you.
Acer Veriton The Acer Veriton is a motherboard designed for computers used for business. This motherboard is mostly available for desktop computers and it comes in various configurations and dimensions to fit in various PC cases like Microtowers and small form factor systems. This mother also earned the label ‘G’ from various international standards due to its low energy consumption.
Acer Extensa The Extensa motherboard is designed solely for laptops and can accommodate decent enough hardware for the laptop to provide a seamless performance when running business and office oriented tasks. This motherboard can hold intel powered processor but are limited from running top-tier ones. It can also allow expansion of Random Access Memory of up to 4GB with DDR3 technology.

Cooling Fan

Every computing unit today even a netbook has its own cooling fan. This hardware is extremely important because it keeps the internal parts cool when a computer or laptop is working. Acer hardware has various cooling fans or heat sinks, and most of them are only compatible to a certain type of laptop or computer. Moreover, cooling fans from Acer Philippines are actually named according to the laptop or motherboard it is compatible with.