Bike accessories don't just make it easier for you to navigate your away around when biking, they also add extra protection to keep you safe during accidents. That's why it is important to choose these accessories properly. To be guided on how to do that, click here.


Essential Bike Accessories and How to Choose them

Road safety is extremely important! To make sure that you are fully geared to keep yourself from road accidents when biking, choosing the right bike accessories is a must! To choose the best accessories to do the job, here’s how:


Whether you are a professional biker or just the type that rides for leisure, putting a helmet on is an important thing to do. A helmet will reduce the risk of getting head injuries in case you fall. Apart from this, you also need to choose the right helmet. To select the right one, you have to consider the fit, the number of vents, the straps, and the type. The best way to find the right fit is by trying several helmets on until you get the best one. If the helmet is a bit large for your head, then you can fine-tune it by putting some Velcro tabs inside it. Next thing to check is the number of vents. The more vents, the better the helmet will be since plenty of ventilations provides increased air flow to keep riders cool. When it comes to the straps, the straps should be tight enough on your chin and around your ears so it can stay in place during a fall. The last thing to look for is the type. Choosing the right type depends on the kind of environment you will be riding on. There are two types of bike helmets: hard shell and in-mold type.

  • Hardshell helmets - Made from a thick polycarbonate shell, hardshell helmets offer durability and ability to withstand multiple impacts. They are perfect to wear during cold weather due to their thick polystyrene liner.
  • In-Mold helmets - These are great to wear in warm weather since they are lighter and provide better ventilation. They have a thin exterior so they are more fragile.


Pedals are one of the bike parts that determine how far you can get on your bike. That’s why you need to find good pedals for your bike.

  • Platform Pedals - What most mountain bikers, city riders, and BMX’ers have in common is that they use platform pedals for their bikes. This is because these pedals offer efficiency and security with their toe straps and clips when riding on rough terrain.
  • Clipless Pedals - As its name suggests, the pedal lacks a toe clip accessory between the pedal and your shoe. Clipless pedals are ideal for advanced bikers, so it isn’t really the best accessory for beginners.


Gloves may or may not be significant, depending on your preference. However, if you’re going for a long bike, it may deem necessary to wear one so that your palms don’t get sore easily when holding on to those bike handles. It also provides you a better grip, thus, making it easier for you to maneuver your bike towards any direction. There’s only one thing to take note of when choosing a pair of gloves: if you’re reading on a cold or wet weather, the best gloves to use are full fingered gloves that have insulation.


First and foremost, go for glasses that will allow you to swap the lenses easily. This will give you the liberty to use different lenses when needed. Secondly, look for models will easily fit well on your face even when your helmet is on. Lastly, just make sure it fits well and it doesn’t easily get blown away by the wind from your face.