To be a pro at roller-blading in the Philippines, you need the right accessories. Roller blade accessories are all about keeping you safe while you cruise the street or perform tricks. Find out what the best accessories to have are and how to customize your ensemble here.

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Must-have Accessories for Roller Bladers

You know you’ve got a love for adrenaline rush when you find yourself looking for roller blading accessories. The thrill of zipping through crowds and navigating smooth roads with nothing but eight wheels underneath your feet is an experience no one can replace. In Philippines, although limited to certain areas, roller blading can become an eventful hobby to take up. In some cases, it can be used as a mode of transport too! Let’s look at some of the roller blading accessories you need to have to skate well.

Knee, elbow and wrist pads

The first step to any high-performance sport is to protect yourself. Do not go out there at the expense of endangering your life. To do this, be sure to get the right forms of padding on your body. Of course, the most important part of protection is the helmet. But let’s talk about padding for a bit.

As someone who roller-blades, you will fall down at least once in your life. Some falls can be ghastly especially if you were to have contact with the rough surface of a road or curb. This is why we need knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist pads. Respectively, these pads cushion your impact with a harmful surface in the event of a fall or an abrasion. You don’t have to be a beginner to wear padding. Even professionals wear padding all over their body.


Storage is one feature that may be lacking when roller-blading. Carrying your stuff with you can be daunting as it adds weight to your stride. This is where backpacks come in handy. The bigger your backpack, the more you can carry. Backpacks are particularly useful if carrying your food, shoes, school things, or personal items. You can even put your skates back in the backpack when out on foot.

If you don’t fancy carrying a backpack, you can try using a waist-bag or pouch. These neat little storage compartments fit directly onto your hip, allowing you free access to swing your arms while in motion. If you’re looking to go at high speeds, waist-bags provide minimal drag and allow you to be more aerodynamic.

High-performance socks

Putting your feet in roller blades can be tiring. The angular shape of the foothold can put a strain on your ankle with extensive use. Thankfully, we have the option of performance socks. Performance socks are compression socks that provide adequate padding and ventilation for your feet. It reduces resistance when slipping your feet into the skates while giving you comfort when on the move.

Wheel frames

Once you’ve skated for some time, got the hang of inline skates, you may think of upgrading. A simple way to upgrade your roller blade ensemble is to replace the wheel frames. There are a few types of wheel frames you can choose from:

  • Blank frame
  • Pro frame
  • Hot Rod frame

These are the three basic ones. For high speeds and stunts, get the pro frame. To look hip and cool, check out the V-shaped Hot Rod frames. Each can be customized to take 2, 3, or 4 wheels.


If there’s one vital accessory you need, it’s the helmet. Helmets come in all shapes and sizes, so you need to be sure precisely what type of helmet you want. You can get mountain biking helmets as a start, or even classic motorcycle helmets as an option. Typically, stunt helmets would make the most sense because they are aerodynamic and less bulky than typical helmet styles.

Now that you have a rough idea on what accessories to get, it’s time to shop for some. Check out the options above to get you everything you need.