Just like in other action sports, specialized gear is required in skateboarding to enhance protection and performance. In the Philippines, there is a great number of skateboards and gear to choose from. To make choosing easier, here are things you should keep in mind.


Your Guide to Choosing Skateboards and Gear in the Philippines

Skateboarding has never lost its appeal, especially among youngsters since they love the thrill in executing various stunts and tricks. On the other hand, many people do not attempt to try this activity because it poses risk for injuries. However, if you are careful enough and you know how to choose the right skateboard and equipment, then you can prevent injuries while skateboarding. Here are some things to consider when finding the right skateboards and gear.


A quality board is essential for better and safe skateboarding. It is best to choose one that is concave and has an adequate stiffness to allow for easier flipping. You can also select a stiffer one since it provides more durability. It is also important to take note of the style of your skateboard deck. A skateboard basically comes in four deck styles. Selecting the right deck style depends on the kind of skateboarding activity you are going to engage yourself in.

Shortboard This is perfect for those who love cruising in the street or parks. It is recommended for beginners because it is lightweight and easy to do tricks with it.

This type of skateboard often has a kicktail, making it versatile and easy to maneuver. It is not designed for extreme stunts since it works better for cruising or rolling around. However, it works great on rough, harsh grounds because of its soft wheels.

Longboard Longboards are great for transportation and are specialized for downhill racing. They often have a larger wheel size to make riding faster and smoother on rough grounds. They are also great for beginners since they offer maneuverability and stability.

Footwear and Gear

Apart from the board, other essential things to have if you are involved in skateboarding are the gear and shoes. These will shield you from injuries when executing stunts.

Helmets This is one of the most important accessories for skateboarding. Although most people find it unnecessary to wear a helmet, it’s important to keep your head protected at all times. It’s better to sport one than end up in the hospital with a broken skull.
Pads Besides the helmet, wrist and elbow pads are also essential to protect skaters from scrapes and joint injuries. They reduce the risk of bones breaking from taking a fall. Apart from the elbow and wrist, knees are prone to lacerations while doing skateboarding stunts. It’s necessary to have these areas covered with pads to avoid bumps that will injure them.
Shoes For improved performance and protection, you should opt for shoes that offer good grip and impact protection. It’s best to choose suede if you want to do flip tricks. For adequate grip, go for shoes made of full-grain leather. Shoes that are made from synthetic materials are also good as they offer a decent grip. Moreover, finding the pair that gives you the best fit is essential since comfortable shoes equate to a great performance.