If you are looking for ways to improve your skateboarding, skateboard accessories can help enhance your performance. There are many skateboard accessories in Malaysia, and each has its own uses. Here are some of the popular skateboard accessories and how to find the best one.


Top Skateboard Accessories and How to Choose Them

Just like any other sports, accessories are important in skateboarding. They guard you against injuries as well as improve your skateboarding game. Even aesthetic add-ons like sunglasses have their own specific uses. Here some skateboarding accessories and how to choose them.


Just like in any riding sport, a helmet is essential in protecting your head from injuries. In skateboarding, a helmet reduces the risk of head injury caused by losing control and falling and running into a motor vehicle, another skateboarder, objects protruding in the road, and a lot more. To ensure your helmet will protect you from injury, it should be made from EPS (expanded polystyrene) which is a protective styrofoam material. Plus, it should have side straps and a buckle that will fasten around your ears and your chin.


Having a good set of skateboarding wheels equates to a better ride and performance. They come in various sizes and material. To determine what size or material is suitable for you, you should know first the kind of skateboarder that you are. Bigger wheels offer more speed and at the same time longer distance due to the diameter of the wheels, which is perfect for cruising around. While smaller wheels allow you to perform stunts easily and accelerate quickly. So, which one are you?

Deck Protection

No matter how careful you are, skateboard decks will face wear and tear when riding on hard surfaces. It will start wearing off at the front and back areas of your deck. But if you have a deck made of rubber or plastic, it will be durable enough to resist breaking, chipping, and cracking.


A backpack is essential for skaters so they can carry necessary gear on their back while riding the board. Since these backpacks tend to be tossed onto the ground, squashed, and worn out over time, you need to find one that is made from quality materials to withstand wear and tear. Also, take note if the backpack has many features like padded sleeves, protected pockets for gadgets, and a side pocket for water bottle. A skateboard backpack with a hood lid is also a great choice since it can be detached to turn into a lunch sack.


Skateboard sunglasses are not only designed for making you look cool, they also boost safety while riding under a sunny weather. A pair of skateboarding shades also shields your eyes from small insects or protruding objects in the road when riding at high speeds. When it comes to selecting the right pair, shades made of bamboo are among the recommended options, especially among women. Bamboo provides a stylish and sleek feel that works well with any face shape. Apart from this, it is very lightweight and can float on the water, so you don’t worry about dropping them.