You know that feeling when you find the perfect pair of slides/flip-flops to change into after a long day? For many people, Adidas is their go-to brand when it comes to slippers. The Adilette slides are a huge step up from the typical toe thong sandals. They feature a contoured and cloudfoam footbed to maximise comfort. That's probably why it feels like we have cushions for shoes when wearing them. Not to mention, the slides are easy to just throw into a suitcase and get on a flight or better yet, wear it on the flight!


Adidas Adilette Slides

Back in the day, the Adilette slides were considered as pool slippers due too it's lack of fancy design and who would want to wear a pantsuit with a pair of slides, am I right? As time goes on and fashion trends evolve, people started prioritising comfort over style. Eventually, slides became a huge trend that hasn't died down till this very day. The Adilette slides have always had a minimalistic three-stripe design with the goal of it to never go out of style, rendering it appropriate to use to go to the beach, a quick visit to the mall or even as house slippers. Not only do the Adidas slippers come in a variety of basic colours for you to match your outfits with, but they also come in many sizes that can fit almost everyone. It goes with everything! You can pair it with bikinis, jeans and a tee, or even a cute summer dress. Other than the basic colours, Adidas has included many other designs such as glittery, snake print and more. Like many Adidas collections, there have also been many collaborations done for the Adilette collection throughout the years.

The shelf life on these slides can go up to nine years or more (according to the many reviews I've read). Long walks on sandy beaches, slippery roads, rough trails, you name it - these slides will not give in! If you're planning on taking it with you to a cold country, I would suggest to size up to be able to fit thick socks underneath.