Adidas shoes for women are some of the most popular footwear in the world. Find out more about Adidas women shoes, or check out the latest price list for Adidas women shoes and related products below.


Why You Should Buy Adidas Shoes For Women

Women shoes that can be worn in the gym and on the streets - that's what Adidas is all about. Fit for everyday wear, Adidas is a brand trusted by many women worldwide, from athletes to casual wearers. Adidas shoes, apparel, and accessories suit perfectly for those who have an active lifestyle. Considered as one of the biggest names in fashion, sports, and lifestyle, Adidas promises a sleek and fashionable design in all its products, giving you only the best and the latest fashion trends.

Adidas Sports and Lifestyle

If you are looking for a brand that can cater to your active lifestyle, Adidas has everything you need. From sportswear to shoes to accessories, you can stay active, competitive, and ready to take on new challenges every day. Perfect for hitting the gym, running, training, CrossFit, and various exercises, Adidas will always be a choice for many gym-goers around the world.

Adidas Women Shoes Are Everything

Every time Adidas releases a new shoe collection or a collaboration, sneaker-heads would quickly line up to the nearest Adidas store to get their hands on them. Their iconic and timeless designs have created a fashion revolution that you will never see on other brands. Below is a list of the most popular Adidas shoe series that you should get your hands on.

Adidas Originals for Women

A classic choice of shoes from the brand, Adidas Originals is a collection of not only women shoes but also apparel and other accessories. This collection features retro styles from the 40s and the 80s, creating a massive comeback for vintage sports fashion.

Adidas Stan Smith for Women

As a collaboration with legendary tennis player Stan Smith, Adidas has created iconic shoes with white leather and lined with three perforations or holes on the side where the three stripes usually go. Adidas Stan Smith shoes for women have become a must-have for any fashionista today.

Adidas NEO for Women

Perhaps the most vibrant series from the brand and also the youngest, Adidas NEO takes pride in their vibrant and colorful shoe designs. Adidas NEO shoes for women are often associated with young pop icons such as Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber.

Adidas Gazelle for Women

Like Stan Smith, the Adidas Gazelle is also an iconic shoe. However, unlike Stan Smith, the Gazelle was created as a fashion statement rather than a sports shoe. Rapper Run DMC helped skyrocket this shoe to popularity by wearing a pair on his music videos as well as incorporating Adidas in their lyrics. Today, Adidas Gazelle shoes have become popular among many fashionistas and hip-hop artists.

Adidas Boost for Women

Introduced in 2013, the Adidas Boost has become a must-have shoe for many sneakerheads. Created for runners, it has a streamlined top and cushioned bottom to aid in absorbing impact while running. However, the Adidas Boost has become more of a fashion statement than running shoes.

Adidas Collaborations to Die For

When it comes to artist collaborations, no one does it quite like Adidas. After Run-D.M.C in the 80s, Adidas worked with Missy Elliot in the 90s and kept its momentum. Popstar Rita Ora joined the ranks with her feminine capsule collection, as did Rapper Pusha T. The brand even moved into high fashion with its collaboration with Yamamoto - an influential fashion designer from Japan and is considered a master tailor. That’s not all, designers Raf Simons, Mark McNairy, Rick Owens Mary Katrantzou, Stella McCartney, and Jeremy Scott are all Adidas collaborators.

Many artists from the music industry have also shown interest in collaborating with the brand. Selena Gomez is now designing for the Adidas NEO label, while Kanye West made the switch from Nike to Adidas. Pharrell Williams has also been seen wearing Adidas numerous times and sporting custom pieces like his Swarovski-encrusted Stan Smith Adidas sneakers. This just goes to show that Adidas has found its sweet spot to approaching lifestyle.