More and more people in the Philippines are getting into scuba diving. This activity offers a lot of adventure and magnificent sights to behold - marine sceneries and life forms. However, not having the right gear can spoil this exhilarating activity. So, here is a guide to help you choose the right diving gear.


Your Guide to Buying Scuba Diving Gear in the Philippines

Scuba diving is a leisure activity that many people love since it allows them to see magnificent marine animals and plants underwater. Others do it for sports and scientific research. Regardless of the purpose, you should be equipped with the right diving gear to enhance comfort and performance. Here are five essential diving gears and tips in choosing the right one.


Commonly referred to as buoyancy compensator, BCD stands for Buoyancy Control Device. This is an essential gear for diving as it holds the tank and controls buoyancy. To choose the right BCD, you should get the right size and shape.


If you have a small chest and wear a plus-size BCD, then the vest will turn out wobbly underwater. So, you should consider a size compatible to your small chest say a 38-40 inch BCD. For medium-chested people, choose one that is between 40-43 inches. For those with a large chest, select 43-46 inches.


There are two types of BCD – the jacket and wing type. Jacket BCDs are perfect for beginners as they feel nice around the waist, inflate the upper body, allow to position properly on the surface. Whereas, wing type BCDs are for experienced divers so they can position horizontally underwater and do not thwart their movements when the vest is fully inflated.


When buying scuba regulators, it’s best to go for one that can provide more than enough supply of air. There are also regulators that you can adjust the airflow. Regardless of the type of regulator, you should first try it or dive with it.

Diving Suits

Diving suits or wetsuits are highly important gear since your body gets cold quickly in the water than in air. To choose the right diving suit, you have to consider the thickness and size. If you’re planning to take a plunge into cold waters, then your wetsuit should be thicker. For the size, go for ones that are a bit tight and will make you feel a bit constricted. This is because a wetsuit should be like a second skin and give you a wide range of movement.

Scuba Diving Mask

A scuba diving mask has to be clear, scratch-resistant, and constructed from quality materials. A dive session is just a waste of time if you can barely see things underwater. That’s why you need a diving mask that is clear and provides you a good field of vision. Also, take note of the mask’s construction. Choose one that is equipped with a shatterproof and scratch-resistant glass.


Scuba diving will not be complete without scuba fins. Scuba fins come in different types and styles. If you go diving from the shore, then you need open heel fins since they allow you to walk comfortably. On the other hand, if you’re boat diving, full feet fins are something you’re looking for since they reduce the energy needed when swimming.