Playing board games is a hobby that is becoming increasingly popular throughout the world. Not only do board games bring hours of joy and entertainment to the players, they also encourage bonding and cooperation. AEG Philippines provides a variety of board games that feature interesting concepts and beautiful artwork, enabling them to gain a large following worldwide. Read more about AEG’s well-loved board games below.

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AEG Board Games that Every Hong-Kongite Should Own

Living in this modern and ever-competitive era can take a toll on us emotionally and mentally, which is why we need an occasional release to relieve the stress that we face daily. One of the best ways for you to overcome your pressures is by playing board games. Board games bring many unseen benefits to players, including enabling them to destress and temporarily forget the problems faced in real life. Moreover, they are also a great way for you to bond with friends and family; pulling everyone away from smartphones and digital devices and promoting physical interaction.

Board games are gradually increasing in popularity worldwide, including in Asian countries such as Taiwan, Philippines, Singapore, and many others. AEG is one of those companies who sees the potential of board games and has been developing enjoyable board games on a worldwide scale. AEG is known for featuring colorful artwork, interesting concepts, and intriguing gameplay in their board games which can keep players entertained for hours. AEG has developed a plethora of games over the years; their most sought after games that Hong-Kongites should get their hands on are introduced as below:

Smash Up

Smash Up is the game that placed AEG on the map globally, including the Philippines. It is the company’s best-selling flagship game that has spawned a legion of loyal followers worldwide. The game is so well-known that AEG has printed multiple expansions for players to extend their collection.

The game adopts a Shufflebuilding format, in which players take turns to draft two faction decks – with each faction having their distinctive abilities – combining them into a unique 40-card deck. A random selection of base cards is dealt to the table and players will use their decks to accumulate the most power on a base when it is eventually scored.

For the base set, there are 8 factions that you can experiment with, resulting in 64 combinations for players to mix and match with. The expansion sets increase the options exponentially, providing even more interesting combinations for players to try out. This is what makes the game so interesting because each combination gives a different strategy to score points and win.

Love Letter

One of the most beloved titles in AEG’s library of games, Love Letter is a game of risk, deduction, and luck that is made for 2-4 players. One of the main selling points of the game is its simplicity – the rules are incredibly easy to understand, enabling dynamic and exciting player interactions. Despite being a light and easy game, players will need to rely on their deduction skills to end up victorious.

In Love Letter, players attempt to deliver their love letter into the Princess’ hands while preventing other players’ letters from reaching her. There are eight characters in the game, with each character having their respective unique abilities. Players take turns, utilizing these cards to their advantage by deducting which abilities should they activate to gain the upper hand and eventually win the game.

Love Letter is a short game that will usually take about 15 minutes to complete, but due to its engaging gameplay and high replay value, players will want to play the game repetitively. As a testament to Love Letter’s popularity, there are currently nine releases in the Love Letter series, all featuring the same gameplay with variations in terms of theme and artwork.


If you are interested in resource management and worker placement gameplay, Istanbul is the game for you! Istanbul won the prestigious Kennerspiel award at the Essenspiel convention in Germany in 2014, being recognized as the best game of the year. The game requires players to manage their workers effectively so that they can gain resources and special benefits to be the eventual winner.

In Istanbul, a marketplace is assembled in a 4x4 grid formation using tiles that represent various shops and facilities of the Grand Bazaar. Each player represents a merchant house with its designated workers and the objective of the game is to the first to collect a certain amount gems to win the game. This is achieved by placing your workers at different locations to activate its action. However, to carry out the action, a worker needs to be left behind, leaving you with fewer workers to perform upcoming actions. Hence, players will need to plan and manage their workers well to avoid making any costly mistakes.

Istanbul involves a lot of strategic planning, which makes for an intense playing experience. For the first game, it is recommended to arrange the tiles as recommended in the manual. Progressively, once you are familiar with the game, you can configure the tiles differently – still in a 4x4 grid to offer a different scenario. This will increase the game’s replayability and forces players to adopt a new strategy to win in subsequent games.

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Playing board games are a great way to strengthen relationships with family, friends, and colleagues. Besides board games by AEG, you can also purchase games from Asmodee and Mayfair Games on iPrice Philippines!