Aftershokz entered the market in mid-2016, introducing Filipinos to its revolutionary bone conduction headphones. With its bone conduction headphones, Aftershokz delivers a new way of listening to music that allows users to be more aware of its surroundings. Curious to know more? Read on for a comprehensive guide to Aftershokz Philippines headphones.

AfterShokz Audio & Hi Fi

All You Need to Know About Aftershokz Philippines

Many Filipinos might perceive Aftershokz Philippines to be a new brand as they have only heard about it around mid-2016. Although Aftershokz officially entered Philippines only in May 2016, it is in fact, a brand with five years of history. Aftershokz brings with it a collection of revolutionary headphones that uses bone conduction technology which gives users a new way to listen to their favourite songs. The design of these headphones makes them perfect for individuals who prefer working out in the elements compared to enclosed areas like at home or at the gym.

Aftershokz Philippines – Headphones Equipped with Cutting-Edge Technology

The headphones industry is ever-evolving, with manufacturers coming up with innovative technologies and designs to appeal to users. Aftershokz is one of these brands, equipping their headphones with innovative technology that brings comfort and superior audio quality to music lovers. Aftershokz headphones are furnished with the following technologies:

Bone Conduction Technology

Bone conduction is a natural part of the hearing process whereby sound travels into the inner ear through the bones of the skull. Aftershokz Philippines designed their headphones to utilise this concept by developing a suite of audio technologies and design patents, resulting in headphones that provide users with unparalleled situational awareness and comfort. The headphones have transducers guide the sound waves in the form of mini vibrations through the cheekbones into the inner ears. This enables the sound to be delivered without plugging or covering the ears directly. Leaving your ears exposed means that your hearing is not affected, allowing you to enjoy your favourite music yet be able to detect sounds that are happening around you at the same time.

Premium Pitch™

Many might presume that unlike sound that enters through the ears, bone conduction audio will not have the same clarity and sharpness. However, Aftershokz Premium Pitch™ technology fine-tunes the audio to assure that the bone conduction audio generated by their headphones matches audio created by conventional headphones in terms of music and voice.

Sweat Resistant Design

One common issue faced by individuals that use conventional headphones is potential water damage due to sweat, especially when they are used during exercise sessions. Not only will sweat cause the headphones to possibly malfunction, but it will also cause discomfort to the users. Aftershokz solves this problem with their sweat resistant headphones. Aftershokz headphones are ideally built to withstand sweaty workout sessions and Philippines’s unpredictable weather conditions. These headphones sport nanotechnology coating and watertight rubber gaskets that repel sweat and moisture – preventing them from entering the headphones.


Sound leakage is a mutual drawback commonly found in most headphones and earbuds today, especially at high volumes. This leakage causes a drop in audio quality in which sound is not delivered sharply and with clarity. Aftershokz patented LeakSlayer™ technology is designed to release sound generated by the transducers. This enables the sound that is produced by the housing to be cancelled, thus significantly reducing leakage and providing crystal-clear audio quality to users comparable to traditional headphones and earbuds.

Products Manufactured by Aftershokz Philippines

By now, it is apparent that Aftershokz Philippines specializes in producing top-quality bone conduction headphones. However, their inventory extends beyond just headphones as Aftershokz Philippines also produces sports accessories that improve your workout sessions. Aftershokz Philippines’s headphones can be divided into two categories which are wired and wireless variants:

Wired Headphones

The Sportz Titanium series is Aftershokz version of wired headphones. The Sportz Titanium headphones raise the bar for wired sports headphones, offering more comfort and better sound quality at an affordable price. They are incredibly light weight; hence you will not feel burdened even after wearing it for prolonged periods. These waterproof headphones offer 12+ hours of playtime per charge. As a bone conduction headphone, the Sportz Titanium headphones leaves your ears open so that you can hear ambient sounds while enjoying your favourite songs. There is also a version that comes with a built-in microphone for you to handle calls and voice messages while you are on the go.

Wireless Headphones

Besides wired headphones, Aftershokz Philippines also produces wireless headphones in the form of the Trekz Titanium and Bluez 2S. It's lightweight and open-ear design that makes these stereo headphones a safer alternative to wired sports headphones or earbuds as there are no wires that you might trip on while working out. They also sport Aftershokz Philippines’s signature attributes – sweatproof, bone conduction technology, and crystal-clear audio quality; making them ideal headphones for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. Stay vigilant of your surroundings while enjoying your favourite music.


Aftershok Philippines also manufactures practical accessories that you can bring with you during your workouts. The accessories that Aftershokz produce include bottles, towels, activity belts, and storage cases for you to keep your valuables safely. With their reliable accessories, Aftershokz ensures that you can perform your activities with peace of mind.

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