Performance helmet customization just got a whole lot more exciting with AGV Philippines. Find out more about these awesome helmets here.


AGV Philippines - Your Guide to Buying to Customized Motorcycle Helmets in the Philippines

In the world of automotive racing, two key elements are considered above all; safety and aerodynamics. One brand successfully integrates both these factors when making its helmets. AGV – the Italian motorcycle helmet company has decades of experience creating gear that not only protects the rider, but enhances performance. For us, AGV Philippines is our ultimate go-to when looking to complete our riding gear. It’s time to rev up our engines and prepare for the road ahead. You can start with AGV Philippines. Read more to find out how you can shop for AGV helmets.

Types of AGV helmets you can choose from

The unsaid rule of riding is to choose a helmet to suit your riding preference. Get one that compliments your motorcycle. Forged from racing, the bulk of AGV helmet series were made for track performance. But AGV also creates helmets for daily riding. To get a better look at performance helmets, simply refer to Valentino Rossi’s selection. If you prefer to custom-fit your own helmet, go for the basics. Some of the series you can start with are as follows:

AGV Performance Helmets

  • AGV Pista GP
  • AGV Corsa
  • AGV GT-Veloce
  • AGV K-5S
  • AGV AX-8 EVO Naked
  • AGV K-3
  • AGV K-3 SV

AGV Open face helmets

  • AGV Blade
  • AGV RP60
  • AGV Diesel Hi-Jack

AGV Off-Road helmets

  • AGV AX-8 EVO
  • AGV AX-8 EVO Naked
  • AGV MT-X

How to customize your AGV helmet like the pros

What sets AGV aside from most of the racing helmets available is the ability to customize them without limitations to performance and looks. Just a precautionary note; helmet customization is addictive. Here are some ways to customize and personalize your helmet.

Choose your helmet

Choosing your helmet is as simple as choosing the gear to go along with your bike. Check out the helmet style – full face, half face, off-road and so on. Next check for the shape of the helmet. If you want to go faster, choose a more aerodynamic version. The oval-shaped helmets slice into the wind smoothly, making wind resistance minimum.

Accessorize your helmet

Depending on how basic your AGV helmet is, you can install add-ons. The open faced helmets usually don’t include many accessories. That said, you can add on accessories like a hydration pack tubing to conveniently drink from your water pack. You can also add cheek pads, top pad grids, and vent guards.

Another way to accessorize your helmet is to change its visor. Visor customization includes changing its colour, shape, and size. For hotter climates, you may want to get a visor with a tint to prevent glare. AGV helmets usually come with multiple strip-off coatings that you can discard when dirty or overused.

Add colour and designs

The finishing touches you can add to your helmet include adding colour and designs. Need inspiration? Just look at Valentino Rossi’s styles and you’ll know the sky’s the limit. Add your sponsors’ stickers, graffiti or any other design you can think of.

AGV x Rossi

You know how big a brand is when it collaborates with big names in its field. AGV has one of the biggest names in the motorcycle racing world. Valentino Rossi, the nine-time world champion in the Grand Prix World Championships, has been a proud wearer of AGV helmets since 1996. From the Corsa Winter Test 2013 Double Face to the Corsa Turtle, Rossi has relied on AGV helmets for decades and the brand has contributed greatly to his success. Each helmet was customized to suit his racing preference. From interior paddings to eccentric designs and art on the outside, Rossi’s helmets became a craze not only for the fans but for the media.

With AGV’s new technology being developed every year, it’s no surprise that these incredible racing breakthroughs are applied in road-going gear too. What’s better, today you can get this very technology in your hands.

Invest in performance – AGV Pista GP

If there’s one motorcycle helmet built for performance, it’s the AGV Pista GP. Simply by going through the build and mechanics of the helmet’s exoskeleton, you will appreciate how much engineering and passion has gone into making this extraordinary headgear. Its structure is made of entirely carbon fibre, making it extremely lightweight but able to withstand pressures when riding at high speeds.

Ventilation is crucial to every bike rider. AGV Pista GP has vents at the top and bottom front of the helmet. These vents can be opened and closed depending on how much air the rider wants to let in. Closing the vents also prevents rainwater from entering it. AGV Pista GP is also fitted with a hydration system where the wearer can sip water through a tubing from a water pack.

All these features and you’d think that’s it. Alas, you’re mistaken. The Pista GP has undergone vigorous testing through wind-tunnels, bringing out the most aerodynamic oval structure that wraps around your head. These features are captured in vivid detail in the latest edition of this helmet, the Pista GP-R. Of course, all this technology comes at a cost. The Pista GP is not one to shy away from a large price tag, but it’s totally worth it! If there’s one helmet you want to invest in, it’s the Pista GP.

Getting the best AGV helmets online

Now that you know how to choose and style AGV helmets, it’s time to shop for them. You can get AGV helmets in the Philippines by shopping online. Check out the selection above and be on your way to the ultimate bike riding adventure of your life.