Altec Lansing is a name that links back to the origins of high fidelity audio. Altec Lansing were among the firsts to focus onto producing and manufacturing high end audio equipment for people, and they are bringing that quality to many people around the world.

Altec Lansing Audio & Hi Fi

Altec Lansing Philippines, bringing sound to life

An American audio electronics company that produces products such as consumer loudspeakers, headphones, and in-ear monitors. It is currently owned by the Infinity Group. Their target market for their audio products are towards consumers and professionals for home, automotives, and multimedia.

Altec Lansing's history since 1927

The Altec Lansing Corporation began in 1927 when the concept of motion picture sound was introduced with the release of the first "talkie," titled The Jazz Singer. The "talkie," or sound film, was made by engineers from Western Electric. Later on in 1936, the engineers from Western Electric got out to start their own company, the "All Technical Products Company" - a year later this name was changed to Altec Services Corporation.

The company Altec Lansing only actually came about when Altec Services Company acquired the financially-struggling Lansing Manufacturing Company and put their two names together, ultimately becoming Altec Lansing corporation. Following this, they also made the 'Voice of the Year' speaker systems which contributed a lot to the world's audio standard of quality and sound fidelity. Most of their speakers under the 'Voice of the Theater' banner are still in use in many different motion picture theaters around the world today.

Having been in the production of professional audio systems for so long, Altec Lansing finally entered the general consumer market in 1948 by producing the first high-fidelity audio system for the general public. They then went into making computer speakers by single handedly creating the computer speaker markets by themselves, setting another standard that other manufacturers would then venture into later on.

What makes audio products from Altec Lansing Philippines such a good choice?

  • Altec Lansing has had a long standing history with producing high-fidelity audio for professionals and theater houses, they have the know how to produce good audio.
  • Their consumer audio products for the general public are affordable.
  • Altec Lansing has been one of the top brands for computer speakers in a very long time.

Altec Lansing Philippine's legacy computer speakers

Altec Lansing may have come a long way today to many modern and advanced speakers and speaker technologies, but their legacy (meaning older hardware or software, but still widespread among users) speakers are still around in many places and they still hold the great reputation of great audio by Altec Lansing. The computer speakers come in various different forms, but they are all compact enough to fit nicely alongside a computer on anyone's desk.

  • Altec Lansing Octane 7 (VS4621): One of the more famous and iconic Altec Lansing computer speakers released before. The speaker is basically a 2.1 speaker set, which means that it has two tweeters (the two main parts of a speaker that usually faces you) and a single sub-woofer (the big box with a big hole that usually sits at the side or on the floor, it gives you the bass). It's iconic coned cylindrical tweeters have graced the desks of many who seek great computer audio, and continues to do so for those who can find one today.
  • Altec Lansing VS4121: Another 2.1 speaker set that is put out by Altec Lansing - this was released before the Octane 7.

Altec Lansing Philippine's products today

With the advancement of technology and the many innovations that come with it, Altec Lansing's speakers are now more up to date with modern technology and feature more contemporary designs rather than the black bulky boxes of the past. The focus is also placed onto more compact wireless Bluetooth speakers. They also have headphones and earphones to boot!

Their products are also now divided into two categories for the speakers: Indoor Speakers and Outdoor Speakers.

Indoor Speakers

Colorful builds and modern styles place these portable Bluetooth speakers into the center stage when they are in your living room. They maybe compact, but the sound that they pack are the total opposites of their physical forms.

  • Orbit: The Altec Lansing Orbit is a circle-shaped portable Bluetooth speaker with a hook on top for you to easily clip it anywhere. This little portable speaker has very impressive audio output. You can either pair it with your phone via a Bluetooth connection or with an Aux-In audio jack. Also suitable for making phone calls when you are driving as it has a built in microphone to help your conversations.
  • Inmotion Mini: If you want a speaker with studio quality music that is also portable, the Inmotion Mini is the speaker to look out for. Packing four drivers, plus an onboard microphone, this Altec Lansing portable speaker will not disappoint in performance and gives great hands-free communication. The speaker is also flexible in a sense that you can either prop it up horizontally or vertically - you do not need to worry anymore if your desk is limited in space.

Outdoor Speakers

When we head out to the great outdoors to listen to our great music, we want something that is built tough. We certainly don't want our speakers tumbling to the ground and spoiling all over the place. Altec Lansing's outdoor speakers are built to be IP67 waterproof, dustproof and shockproof!

  • Mini H20 Speaker: The most compact of all Altec Lansing's portable speakers, the Mini H20 Speaker comes in three bright colors of blue, purple, and red. The integrated carabiner on the Mini H20 ensures that the speaker stays clipped onto whatever it is attached to, whilst its fantastic IP67 rating ensures that it will be safe from all kinds of environmental hazards - oh, it also floats.
  • The Jacket H20: A slightly larger speaker than the Mini H20 Speaker, the Jacket H20 also features the many rugged properties of the IP67 rating. The Jacket H20 also packs two drivers for an even richer sound projection.
  • LifeJacket 2: The Altec Lansing LifeJacket 2 is the flagship of their portable wireless Bluetooth speakers. The LifeJacket 2 is a literal savior when it comes to getting great audio out on the go with its pair audio drivers and passive bass radiator in the middle.

So if you are looking for a great set of speakers to bring with you on the road or for your computer setup, Altec Lansing should definitely be on your list of brands to check out!