American Home offers some of the best air conditioners in the Philippines at reasonable prices. American Home inverter aircon and American Home window type aircon are sought after for their innovative features and specifications. Browse the latest American Home appliances or find out more about American Home aircon below.


American Home Aircon FAQs: American Home Aircon Price, Availability, and More!

What is American Home aircon price in the Philippines?

As of August 2020, the price of American Home aircon in the Philippines ranges from ₱ 8,499.00 to ₱ 30,469.00. American Home air conditioners are available on leading e-marketplaces in the Philippines like Shopee and Lazada.

American Home Aircon Price Philippines - August 2020

American Home Air Conditioners



American Home Aircon window type AHAC-Ti50MNT .05hp manual

₱ 8,550.00


American Home Aircon Window type AHAC-162MNT 1.5hp

₱ 17,099.00


American Home Aircon Inverter window type AHAC-WT1500IOX 1.5hp w/ remote

₱ 29,699.00


American Home 1.0 HP Window Type Aircon AHAC-92MNT

₱ 15,399.00


American Home 1Hp Window Type

₱ 14,299.00


American Home 0.5Hp Window Type

₱ 8,499.00


American Home 1.0 HP Window Type Inverter Aircon AHAC-WTI1000iOX

₱ 30,469.00


American Home Aircon Window type AHAC-192RT 2hp w/ remote

₱ 26,499.00


American Home 1.5 HP Window Type Aircon AHAC-162MNT

₱ 19,799.00


American Home 2.0 HP Window Type Aircon AHAC-192MNT

₱ 25,299.00


How do you clean an American home aircon?

  • Check the aircon unit regularly
  • Clean the aircon filters regularly
  • Prevent molds by cleaning the condenser coils and water pan
  • When there's ice build-up, have it checked first
  • Consider replacing your aircon unit after 5 years of usage

When giving your AC unit a deep clean, make sure to take the following steps:

  • Take the aircon unit outside and remove its case
  • Spray the case, front panel, and window fins with a cleaning solution
  • Scrub all parts you’ve sprayed with a cleaning solution
  • Rinse the parts with water using a hose
  • Dry the aircon unit before reassembling