Shop for the best computer monitors in the market today. AOC is one of the leading brands of computer monitors that boasts innovation and style in all of their monitors which will complement your day to day computer use. Find out more about AOC and their monitors here!

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AOC Philippines

AOC is a highly famed brand for computer monitors due to their innovative technology and design that does not only provide a pleasing display but also filters the harmful radiation common in most computer monitors. AOC monitors are also distinct in terms of their monitors’ design and form function, which are tailored to the rising trends in technology of today. AOC is currently among the top tier names in the market that manufacture computer monitors.

AOC Philippines: The Brand of Visually Pleasing Computer Monitors

AOC stands for Admiral Overseas Corporation. This brand is one of the biggest names in the market today that manufacture computer monitors and they specialize in creating monitors for various purposes. Today, most of the monitors that they manufacture are no longer solely used for computers, but could already function as an All-In-One monitor that could work as a TV and wireless displays for smartphones. They’re the first brand to have ever released a monitor with a true Anti-Blue-light capability which protects the eyes from the harmful radiation emitted by the monitors. This groundbreaking technology was introduced to the market in 2014, and it raised the standards since. AOC’s wide array of monitors are sold to over 115 countries and they continue to uncharted territories both geographically and in terms of innovation.

Why Choose AOC Philippines?

  • AOC manufactures highly compatible monitors for all types of computers.
  • They boast the best technology in the market today.
  • They have a wide array of monitors to choose from which will suit your needs and budget.
  • They have monitors that are made for a specific type of computer needs such as gaming and multimedia monitors.
  • The design and form function of their monitors are some of the best in the market.
  • You’ll get more value for your money.

AOC Monitor Series

AOC’s wide array of monitors caters to every computer needs, which is why their monitors have different classification as they offer different series providing a specific type of visual performance tailored for a specific need.

Gamer Series

This series is the brand’s most graphic heavy line of monitors which could support highly detailed and realistic looking graphics in most games of today which come in Full HD. The gaming monitors from AOC works perfectly well with gaming rigs and will more likely aid the gamers in avoiding graphical glitches and constant lagging.

The monitors under this category use Nvidia-G Sync graphic processors which are a well-known gaming graphics hardware for computers. With AOCs successful attempt in integrating the Nvidia technology into their monitors, games will surely run smoothly and in full detail, making every gamer’s gaming experience seamless. The gamer series is the most reliable monitor for gaming.

LED Series

This is the brand’s line of standard monitors. The monitors in this series are basically made for casual and business use and they come in various sizes but general compatibility. Their led series is basically marketed towards the general audience who simply need a computer for their everyday use. The monitors in the LED series basically sport an elegant yet casual design with a very sleek build, giving it a modern look and space efficient build.

Ultra HD Series

This is the premium line of monitors from AOC, and it boasts a very stunning display that will surely redefine how monitors should process HD videos. The Ultra HD series monitors are packed with a highly dependable 4K display to support mesmerizing HD videos of various formats.

The Ultra HD series are made for those users who are fond of playing multimedia in their PCs especially videos. This is the perfect monitor for those who often watch their favourite movies or shows on their PC. The Ultra-HD monitor is a multimedia monitor which can also be used with other devices that support HDMI output, such as cable boxes, multimedia players, or even smartphones.

The Ultra HD Series offer the priciest monitor in the brand’s product line, but they surely provide a top-notch viewing experience.

AOC Monitors

Monitors are part of the essentials when owning a desktop computer. Apparently, it’s going to be the equipment that will provide you visual output which your CPU will be generating. Without it, users won’t be able to run the computer after all. All throughout the years, monitors have evolved in terms of form function and features, and many brands have stepped up their game to create monitors that could do more than just what a regular monitor can do, coupled with cutting edge graphics and visual output. Among the leading brands of monitors that are well-known for cutting-edge graphics and functionality is AOC. For many computer users, AOC has been the preferred brand of computer monitors all these years due to its innovative and reliable technology.