The most iconic product from Apple Philippines, iPhones come in all shapes and sizes. The latest iPhone right now is the iPhone X which starts from P57,282 and the iPhone 6 price starting from P15,990. The cheapest iphone model is the iPhone 5C at P8,719. Get the best iPhone price list in the Philippines below!

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Top Apple iPhone Price List 2019

Top 10 products Price Store
Apple iPhone 6 ₱ 14,690.00 LazMall by Lazada
Apple iPhone Xr ₱ 46,074.00 Personal Digital
Apple iPhone Xs Max ₱ 69,317.00 Personal Digital
Apple iPhone X ₱ 46,857.00 Amazon
Apple iPhone 7 ₱ 22,898.00 Lazada
Apple iPhone 6s ₱ 17,319.00 Galleon
Apple iPhone 5s ₱ 13,480.00 Kimstore
Apple iPhone Xs ₱ 62,944.00 Personal Digital
Apple iPhone 8 ₱ 39,326.00 Personal Digital
Apple iPhone 6s Plus ₱ 22,990.00 LazMall by Lazada
Most Popular
Apple iPhone 6

Cheapest at LazMall by Lazada ₱ 19,990.00 ₱ 14,690.00 Go to Shop

Why is the iPhone a Top-of-the-List Smartphone Brand

iPhones have been the smartphone of choice for many smartphone consumers around the world. Whenever the latest iPhone is unveiled, it will cause a buzz among netizens and the public. iPhones have become immensely popular amongst Filipino smartphone aficionados today for a multitude of reasons.

Efficient Real-World Speed

iPhones are known for setting the benchmark when it comes to performance speeds. iPhones have proven their worth in various speed tests done by experts, as the results show that they constantly outperform any other model in the market. iPhones can run smoothly even while multitasking, being able to handle demanding tasks without slowing down. Even having multiple background apps do not slow down the device’s performance.

iPhone Apps Are More Abundant and Better Looking

The two biggest mobile app stores belong to Android and Apple. Although most of the popular apps are featured on both platforms, many tops games and apps will usually be made available on iPhone first. Moreover, there are more apps that are specially made for Apple only compared to specially-designed apps for Android. The apps tend to have a better design on iPhones compared to the same ones on other devices.

Fast iPhone Updates

Another benefit of using an iPhone is that users can receive iOS updates frequently, no matter which carrier you are using. According to statistics released by the App Store in February 2017, about 80 percent of iOS devices were running iOS 10, the latest version of Apple’s operating software in mere five months after its release. Moreover, you need not change to the latest iPhone to receive updates from Apple as the company delivers updates even to devices that are three years old. For example, the iPhone 4s still receives iOS 9 support, whereas the latest-and-greatest iOS 10 is available for the iPhone 5.

No Bloatware

Another reason why the iPhone is much loved is that the iPhone does not have any bloatware. Bloatware will take up a considerable amount of storage, reducing your ability to install and download your favourite apps. An excessive amount of bloatware will also cause the device to slow down. Thankfully, unlike other phones, you will not find a single carrier software pre-loaded on an iPhone. Although Apple still includes some apps that you might not use or need, it is significantly fewer than other manufacturers. Furthermore, the iOS 10 enables users to disable built-in apps that you are not using, which is the second best option since these apps cannot be deleted from the device.

iPhones have Higher Resell Value

When most people are thinking of upgrading or replacing their current smartphone, they will sell off the older model. If you sell a one-year-old or two-year-old smartphone, you often receive much less than the amount you paid. However, when you sell an iPhone, you will notice that the resell value will be much higher than other models.

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