Bread has become a staple food item amongst Filipinos thanks to the convenience and versatility that it provides. Nowadays, many individuals have started to bake their own bread at home and a bread maker is able to simplify the process. What are the advantages of baking your own bread? Read on below to discover why homemade bread is better.


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Advantages of Baking Your Own Bread at Home

Buying bread from stores is so cheap and convenient that you might wonder whether baking your own bread at home is worth the time and effort. However, the inviting smell of home-baked bread should be more than enough for you to try your hands baking one at home. Although baking bread takes some time and finesse, the taste and nutritional value provided by these home-baked loaves make the effort worthwhile. Moreover, there is a wide selection of bread makers that enable you to bake your own loaves easily at home. Here are some reasons to justify why you should make your own bread:

Healthier Ingredients

The best thing about baking your own bread is that you can control the ingredients you put into it. You can personally select all the ingredients that go into your homemade bread, from choosing high-grade eggs and dairy to adding extra ingredients such as nuts and raisins. You can also determine the amount of sugar content that you want in your bread. Commercially prepared bread often contain preservatives and artificial ingredients to extend their shelf life and boost flavour but these additives can be detrimental to our health in the long run. With home-baked bread however, you can use minimal amounts of sweetener enough to activate the yeast and add just enough salt to give the bread more depth of flavour. This control enables your own bread much healthier than those sold in stores.


Many Filipinos have serious food allergies and one of the solutions is to make your own dishes. By baking your own bread, you can tailor the recipes to leave out the offending ingredients. Although you can find manufactured bread that leave out some of these ingredients, there is a possibility that the equipment producing them might be contaminated with the allergen. Hence, one failsafe way to ensure that your bread is free from the allergen is by making your own. As an extra preventive measure, you can personally clean your bread makers after making your bread to ensure there are no traces of any allergen present on them.

Homemade Bread is Cheaper in the Long Run

This is a contentious subject when you consider that it is very cheap to buy a loaf of bread. Although the cost to make homemade bread might be higher than purchasing store-ready loaves, homemade bread compensates in terms of the quality and nutritional value that it provides. Loaded with excessive amounts of salt and preservatives, cheap and mass-produced bread is far from healthy. In the long run, these additives might cause health complications in the future which can cost you even more.

Homemade Bread Tastes Better

The smell emitted by your bread maker once your bread is ready offers one of the most enticing smells but it tastes even better. Moreover, you can customise your bread to make it even more delicious. Add in your favourite ingredients such as healthy grains and seeds, dried fruits, and spices to improve the flavour profile and nutrients of your self-made bread.