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Cooker Hoods - a Functional Addition to your Kitchen

For many modern kitchens, a cooker hood is essential. Basically, a cooker hood functions similar to an exhaust fan - it helps keep your kitchen free of smoke and unwanted smells from lingering too much in your kitchen. Aside from that, some cooker hoods are also built in with light bulbs to provide extra lighting for your kitchen. Overall, cooker hoods add functionality and modernity to your kitchen.

Types of cooker hoods

Before choosing which cooker hood is perfect for your kitchen, you should know the five different types of cooker hoods:

  1. Built-in cooker hoods
  2. Chimney cooker hoods
  3. Freestanding cooker hoods
  4. Integrated cooker hoods
  5. Island cooker hoods

Built-in cooker hoods

Built-in cooker hoods are standard cooker hoods that fit perfectly with a narrow hob between 52cm to 60cm wide. It is compact and great in a standard kitchen setting.

Chimney cooker hoods

If your cooker is backed up in a wall, then a chimney cooker hood would be perfect for your kitchen. It comes in with a canopy and a chimney which can be made of either steel or glass.

Freestanding cooker hoods

For home-owners with a budget, then a freestanding cooker hood would be right up your alley. This type of cooker hood is fitted directly on the wall where your hob is going to be. It is cheap but it is also the least powerful type of cooker hood.

Integrated cooker hoods

If you want to save space, or want your cooker hoods to be hidden away, then an integrated cooker hood would definitely suit your taste. This type of cooker hoods are small and can fitted directly on your kitchen units. Like the former, integrated hoods are less powerful compared to the others.

Island cooker hoods

For home-owners that want to go all-out on their kitchen hood budget, then this type of cooker hood would suit your kitchen needs. Island hoods are attached directly on your ceiling and adds a touch of modernity and professionalism in your kitchen.

Choosing the best cooker hood

Aside from knowing which type of cooker hoods you need for your kitchen, here are some things that you should consider when buying a kitchen hood:

Grease filters

All cooker hoods have a built-in grease filter that capture grease that rises from your hob and preventing them from getting all over your kitchen surfaces. Make sure that these grease filters are removable and easy-to-clean.


With all the fans and motors that run on your cooker hood, it ought to make some noise; the quieter the better.

Suction power

When choosing cooker hoods, always consider ones with powerful fans that help suck away all the smoke and smells from cooking. Suction power depends on what type of cooker hood you have, so refer to the ones above.


Most cooker hoods today have their own set of lights which adds lighting to your kitchen. Always choose a cooker hood with easy to replace lightbulbs.

Controls and power setting

If you love to cook smelly foods such as fish or other seafood, then you ought to choose a cooker hood with a high-power burst option. But no worries, most kitchen hoods today are made with two or three power setting options.

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