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The kitchen is the heart and soul of the household. Give your kitchen a touch of functionality with the best dishwashers from the biggest brands online. Scroll down below and choose the best dishwasher for your kitchen or read more about how to choose the perfect dishwasher below.

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ed Wash N Bright Easy Dishwasher at 1199.00 PHP from Lazada
ed Wash N Bright Easy Dishwasher
₱ 1,199.00 ₱ 1,999.00
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ed Magic Wash N Bright Easy Dishwasher at 1080.00 PHP from Lazada
ed Magic Wash N Bright Easy Dishwasher
₱ 1,080.00 ₱ 1,990.00
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GE WD21X10268 Bracket and Solenoid for Dishwasher at 1860.00 PHP from Galleon
GE WD21X10268 Bracket and Solenoid for Dishwasher
₱ 1,860.00
This is a GE BRACKET & SOLENOID part number WD21X10268.
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Avanti DW18D3SE Built In Dishwasher, 18, Stainless Steel
Avanti DW18D3SE Built In Dishwasher, 18, Stainless Steel"
₱ 53,028.00
This Avanti DW18D3SE 18" Dishwasher is a must for anyone with limited space. If you have a small space but you still need a quality dishwasher, this Avanti 18" Dishwasher is what you need. It measures less than 18" in width, so it can fit many places that conventional 24 Inch wide dishwashers cannot. The Avanti 18" Dishwasher is perfect for small homes, apartments RVs- anywhere short on space. Plus, it is Energy Star rated for excellent energy efficiency. The Avanti 18" Dishwasher features a stainless steel tub for long-lasting durability, 4 automatic cycles and super quiet operation.
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Dishwashers - Taking your Kitchen to the Next Level

Dating back as far as 1850, dishwashers have provided households convenience and comfort. What this appliance does is wash your dishes for you in a better, cleaner, and more efficient way. If you don’t have time for household chores like washing the dishes, then a dishwasher is a lifesaver.

Types of dishwashers

Before you go ahead and purchase one, you should know what type of dishwasher is perfect for your lifestyle. There are five different types of dishwashers to choose from; with each type having its own pros and cons:

  1. Standard built-in dishwasher
  2. Compact built-in dishwasher
  3. Double drawer dishwasher
  4. Single drawer dishwasher
  5. Portable dishwasher

Standard built-in dishwasher

Mostly used by many households today, the standard built-in dishwasher is a classic model which is instsalled under kitchen cabinets and is directly connected to your kitchen plumbing. It’s standard measurement is 24 inches across, and could accommodate 12 to 16 plates at once.

Compact built-in dishwasher

If you want to save on space, then a compact built-in dishwasher would definitely be a good choice. It is almost similar to the standard built-in dishwasher except for its small size, measuring 18 inches across with a capacity of 8 place settings.

Double drawer dishwasher

As the name suggests, this type of dishwasher has two drawers, one large compartment, and one small one. Like the former, the double drawer dishwasher is the same with the standard built-in except you can choose to efficiently wash small loads without using the entire dishwasher.

Single drawer dishwasher

If you want something smaller than the compact built-in dishwasher, then the single drawer dishwasher is perfect for you; think of it as the smaller half of the double-drawer.

Portable dishwasher

Ideal of small apartments, or renters, portable dishwashers are standard dishwashers on wheels. You can easily move them around from one area to another, and they also provide extra countertops.

How to choose the right dishwasher

To further guide you when it comes to buying the perfect dishwasher for your home, here are some things that you need to consider:

  1. Make accurate measurements on the space where you plan to place your dishwasher, and always pay close attention to your dishwasher’s dimensions.
  2. Choose a dishwasher according to your lifestyle. A big dishwasher would not be economical if only people are living in the household.
  3. Install your dishwasher as close to the sink as possible to keep the plumbing together.
  4. A dishwasher’s capacity is measured in place settings with one place setting equal to a complete set of plates and cutlery.

Dishwashers are convenient appliances that ever modern home should have. Check out our seletion of dishwashers from the best brands such as Panasonic, Electrolux, Kelvinator, and so much more!

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