Does the hot afternoon weather make you wish that you had a wall fan installed in your home? Then it looks like you're in need of a wall fan. Look around the website for all kinds of makes and models of wall fans that you can place in your home. To know more about wall fans, make sure to read on to find out more.

Which wall fan is best?


Top Wall Mounted Fans Price List 2021

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Standard Wall Fan STW 16F ₱ 1,220.00 Shopee
Standard Wall Fan SWF 16Q ₱ 1,059.00 Shopee
Hanabishi Wall Fan Summerwind 16W ₱ 1,210.00 Shopee
Standard Orbit Fan SOF-18Q ₱ 1,579.00 Shopee
Standard Wall Fan SWF 16R ₱ 2,895.00 Lazada
Asahi Home Appliances WF-821 ₱ 2,599.00 Lazada
Standard Orbit Fan SOF-16B ₱ 1,389.00 Shopee
Standard Wall Fan SWF 18R ₱ 1,656.00 Lazada
Standard Wall Fan STW 18F ₱ 1,350.00 Shopee
Standard Wall Fan SWF 18Q ₱ 1,220.00 Lazada
Most Popular
Standard Wall Fan STW 16F

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Tips for Buying a Wall-Mounted Fan

If you are on the search for a wall-mounted fan there are a few things that you need to consider when purchasing one. The types of things that need to be considered are the size, speed and other features. So if you're raring to make a well-informed purchase then read on to find out more.


One of the most important things to consider when buying a wall-mounted fan is to consider the size of the wall fan that you are intending to purchase. It is important that you take the necessary measurements of your space so that you can ascertain the location where you would want to place your wall fan in. If you want to get the most out of your purchase, you may choose a wall fan that has a sufficient size to adequately cool down the room that it will be placed in. Other things that you need to be cognizant of is the location where you will be placing the wall fan too, so that you can get the most optimal cooling effect available.


Aside from the size, another crucial factor in choosing a wall fan is the speed at which it can operate. As there are a multitude of fans on the market with differing speed selection, it is best that you select a wall fan that has the speed selection that is right for your needs. A good tip to remember is to select a fan that is adequately sized for the room that you will be placing it in and run it on a low to medium speed to assess the noise level.


To many people, the brand of wall fan that they choose may be of insignificance to them. But choosing a well-made and trusted brand will help you go a long way in potentially saving you extra money. This is because, when you select a well-made fan from a trusted brand in the market. You are also saving yourself from having to spend an unnecessary amount of time and money in repairing the wall fan. By choosing a brand of fan that is popular and commonly available, you also have access to spare parts and service centers that are widely available for repairs and services. Another thing about choosing the right brand is that when a brand is well established in the market that means that the product that they sell is most likely to be long lasting and reputable.

Wall Mount Fan Usage

Whether you’re a weekend DIY homeowner working in the garage, a greenhouse grower, or a restaurateur trying to keep restaurant patrons cool, there are several wall mount fans designed for your particular use.

Residential Use

Basements, home gyms, play rooms, and other areas need additional air circulation to avoid room stuffiness. When floor space is limited, or the room is angled or tightly constructed, there can be issues getting the proper ventilation. Wall mountable fans can generate enough air flor throughout the room, even into tight spaces or corners.

Greenhouses + Indoor Grow Areas

Greenhouses and growing spaces need a significant amount of airflow and circulation for the purposes of moving fresh air while distributing it throughout the space. With the addition of lighting, dehumidifiers, and water usage, adequate ventilation from fans is required for:

  • Even ambient air conditions
  • Ventilation
  • Reduction in plant rot and mold
  • Plant respiration

Garage + Sheds

Small garages, sheds, and workshops are subject to hot conditions, usually because they lack air conditioning. Tight working areas may also lack adequate floor space or a window, making a portable air conditioner impractical.

Other issues such as tools, workbenches, or even parked vehicles can impede placement of floor or table fans. Small garages and workspaces can benefit from the compact, rugged design of wall mount garage fan.

Which wall fan is best?

One of the best fans that is out on the market is the F-40WYP-B from Panasonic. This fan is great because of its relatively low price and the quality of the air flow is simply unmatched in its category. Also, the fan comes from a brand lineage which has expertise in producing high quality fans for general use. Add to the fact that the brand that produces the fan also has excellent customer support and service centers all around so if you do find yourself to be in an unfortunate position whereby your fan has stopped working for whatever reason. You still have the option of sending it for repair as there are many service centers around.

Are wall fans good?

Wall fans are good because they help to circulate and provide adequate ventilation for when you need it. An adequately sized fan is able to provide a steady stream of air flow so that the air is properly circulated in a given area. These types of fans are best for when you need to have some proper air flow in a small confined area such as a bedroom or store room.

How do wall mount fans differ from ceiling fans?

Ceiling and wall mounted fans both provide plentiful circulated ambient air throughout any environment, keeping you comfortable in summer and winter. While both provide adequate air flow, they vary in their operation.

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans provide comfort in the summer, as the fan circulates air throughout the living space. During the winter, ceiling fans can pull and circulate warm air trapped at the ceiling by setting them to circulate in clockwise position, This will help redistribute warm air throughout the living area. Unlike their wall mounted fan counterparts, are traditionally hard-wired into the ceiling, and they may require the help of a professional electrician to install.

Wall Mount Fans

Wall mounted fans tend to work in a different fashion. While fans circulate air, the wall mounted fans push air horizontally throughout the spade and not down like ceiling fans. Depending on size and placement, the air circulated may not always be felt at a distance, and they cannot circulate warm air trapped at the ceiling.

Plug + Play Operation

Wall-mounted fans do not require hardwiring, so if your ceilings are too high, or there isn’t any wiring in your ceilings, a wall-mounted fan can work well for your space, as they are traditionally plug in 110- 120-volt outlet fans.