If you suffer from respiratory conditions, you can definitely benefit from humidifiers in the Philippines. Ever wondered what other benefits of the humidifier has, click here to read more.


Top benefits of a humidifier

Looking for an effective and relatively cheap way to treat your dry skin? Humidifiers are the answer to your ailment. Commonly used to increase the humidity or water vapor level of the air indoors particularly in countries that experience cooler weather. Although humidifiers are advantageous to health in general, make sure to use them sparingly as it may possibly aggravate respiratory problems. On the plus side, read about the top benefits of the product.

What are the main uses of humidifier?

Even though you do not suffer from dry skin, you can be prone to discomforts such as sinus, headaches, dry throat, nose irritation, dry cough, cracked lips and many more when the air in your home is dry. This is also similar to having air-conditioning running in countries with a hotter climate. Optimal humidity indoors can help prevent all the above, improving comfort during sleep as well as symptoms of cough and cold.

In addition to health benefits, humidifiers may help reduce dryness in the air. This is so that, there will be less static electricity in the air. Additionally, it can protect all types of wood furnishing from deteriorating due to dry air. Nevertheless, make sure to set the humidifier accordingly to prevent the growth of dust mites, mold, mildew and other harmful bacteria which in turn damage the furnishing.

Types of humidifiers and its purposes

Warm mist humidifiers

Great for treating colds and flu, this type of humidifier release a soothing mist that can be seen and felt. Moreover, they are quieter compared to cool mist humidifiers. However, it needs to be cleaned pretty often and are usually quite tough to do so. As it tends to produce hot steam, it is advisable to keep it out of children’s reach. Nonetheless, it is great for providing a little warmth indoors.

Cool mist humidifiers

It is believed that cooler mist is easier to breathe and the device is generally simpler to clean compared to its warm mist counterparts. Though, it needs more maintenance due to its filters that trap minerals and impurities. This is so that, it can prevent algae and mold build up.

Whole house humidifiers

These types of humidifiers will generally cover a large area or the whole area of a home. The larger the tank is, the longer you can utilize it without having to refill it. But be reminded that the larger units need to be cleaned at least once a week. There are also filters and wicks on the insides that should be changed once every three months or so.

Other advantages

To enhance the benefits of the humidifier, it is necessary to appropriately care for the device. Manufacturers would generally recommend to make use of distilled or de-mineralized water for cool-mist humidifiers. This is because; warm-mist units tend to expel minerals and microorganisms from the water into the air.

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