Are you having a cocktail party but something does not seem quite right? Fret not! These Ice Crushers guides will definitely take your party up a notch.

Best Ice Shaver brand list you can choose from | How do you use an ice crusher? | How to maintain the ice crushers?


Ice Crusher/Ice Shaver: A Party Favorite

As the name suggests, Ice Crusher or also known as an ice shaver is specifically used to crush the ice. Hence why cocktails, soft drinks and juices go very well with this type of crushed ice. The anatomy of an ice crusher is fairly simple, they have an opening, the steel part where it crushes ice and another opening for the ice to come out.

In detail, be it manual or electric ice shaver, the ice blocks are delivered to the machine through a feed tube that is usually a wide-mouthed opening with a funnel for easier feeding. The steel blade is the most critical component of the crusher. Heavy-duty steel blades are used in huge machinery to help break enormous amounts of ice in a short amount of time. The container is also one of the most important parts of the crushed ice storage device. Commercial machines come with a container that can hold up to 12 glasses of crushed ice, whilst home crushers have a smaller size.

Types of Ice Crusher

Relatively, there are two types of ice crushers; electric ice crushers or manual. Though both of them functions in a different way, the results are similar.

A manual crusher features a handle that is manually manipulated to break the ice using the blade and grinder attached to it. The handle is turned clockwise, making it simple to break the ice in this manner. The most significant benefit of this ice crusher is that the amount of ice supplied into it can be controlled, and the machine does not jam due to overload.

Though an electric ice machine performs the same functions just like the manual appliance, it performs better as it consumes less time. The key procedures for making crushed ice in an electric crusher are to plug in, feed the ice, and turn on the machine. The machine will automatically stop once all of the ice in the feeder has been crushed. The ice is kept in the container and can be utilised whenever it is needed.

Best Ice Shaver brand list you can choose from;

  • Slique Ice Crusher (1500 Ml)
  • Zeny Ice Crushers.
  • Kaisa Villa Ice Smashing Electric Crusher Machine 250W Ice Crusher Jd-8051.
  • Hoyoma Japan Hoyoma Ice Crusher M108.
  • Snowie Ice Crusher Machine.
  • Vivohome Electric Ice Crusher.
  • Hamilton Beach Blender for Ice.
  • Viski Professional Ice Crusher.
  • Waring Large-Capacity Ice Crusher

How do you use an ice crusher?

Simply place cubes in the feeder chute, adjust the size setting, and turn on the machine. The mechanism's powerful blades go to work, dispensing the newly crushed ice into a bucket, pitcher, or other suitable container. For manual crushers, simply rotate the device according to instructions.

How to maintain the ice crushers?

Simply wipe the ice crusher exterior with a damp cloth. Wash the ice container with a lid and scoop with warm soapy water. Avoid the use of abrasives or steel wool.