Once you have decided to start making your own juices at home, you will need to have a juicer at home. A hand juicer is an inexpensive manual appliance that you can extract juices from your favourite produce. Learn more about hand juicers below.


What You Need to Know About Hand Juicers

Fruit juices are considered healthy beverages that provide nutrients and essential vitamins to their drinkers to maintain their general wellbeing. Moreover, they are a refreshing treat that can relieve an individual from the hot Philippines weather.

Rather than buying fruit juices from stores, you can easily make them by yourself at home. All you need is a reliable hand juicer and some fruits and you can start making your own fruit juice. Homemade juices are typically healthier than those sold in stores because the ones in the market might contain preservatives and artificial colouring and flavouring. Although there are many electric juicers available in the market, hand juicers are more than sufficient for simple juicing needs.

What are Hand Juicers?

Manual juicers are operated by hand as they do not have any electric or battery mechanism equipped inside. They are basically simple appliances that use pressure to squeeze the juice out of a fruit or produce. Manual juicers work best for fruits and produce such as oranges, lemons, and tomatoes since they are juicy produce that are easy to extract.

Benefits of Using a Hand Juicer

Although hand juicers are not as advanced as electric juicers, they also possess their own perks which make them a useful appliance whenever you find a need to create some homemade juice. The benefits that hand juicers bring are as discussed below.

Can Be Brought Anywhere

Unlike electric juicers which need electricity to operate, a hand juicer – often called a manual juicer, can be conveniently operated by hand. They do not need to be plugged to an electric power source, which makes them much more versatile and mobile to be used while travelling or when you are away from home. This means that they can come in handy when you are craving for some juice while camping in the middle of the jungle or at picnics in the neighbourhood park.

Can Retain Nutrients and Vitamins in the Juice

Moreover, although most hand juicers are easy to use because most of them involve basic squeezing or pressing to apply a high amount of pressure on the produce yet they can yield maximum juice production. Besides that, many people prefer using manual juicers compared to electric juicers because the juice produced by the former contains more vitamins and minerals. This is because unlike electrical juicers, the manual application of pressure on the produce will not cause the juice to heat up which might potentially destroy some of its nutrients contained in the juice.

Inexpensive and Easily Available

Another perk of hand juicers is that they are considerably cheaper compared to conventional electrical juicers. You can also easily find manual juicers in the Philippines, either in physical stores or online via merchants such as Lazada Philippines, AliExpress Philippines, or Galleon.ph. If you are on a tight budget and would still like a fully-functional juicer, then a hand operated juicer is the best choice for you.

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