Bringing you rest and relaxation, massagers are the products of years of technological advancement. Relieve stress and relax with the best massagers in the Philippines. You should get your own massagers today. Find out more here.

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4 Massagers you need for the ultimate relaxation

Massages have always been associated with rest and relaxation. Whenever we are stressed out, our buddies advise us to get a full-body massage. The simple act of rubbing on our body increases blood flow and instantly relieves fatigue and body aches. This magical touch has led scientists to develop automatic and electronic massagers to make the de-stressing process faster and easier. Today, we have hundreds of different massager brands in the Philippines thanks to ingenuity and creativity of lifestyle brands. If you’re looking for the right massager, we’ve got the information for you! Read more to find out about the 4 massagers you need for ultimate relaxation.

Massage chair

One step short of employing a personal masseuse, massage chairs are brilliant masterpieces of furniture that bring your body to new heights of relaxation. Working with simple movements underneath fabric and leather, the typical massage chair has bumps that move up and down. These bumps target specific pressure points in your body, releasing endorphins and encouraging blood flow. Some of the best brands in massage chair technology are Osim and Ogawa.

Foot massagers

After a long day out, our tired feet deserve a rest. Soaking your feet in warm water can work wonders to calm your aching feet. But better it will be to get a nice, firm foot rub. This is where foot massagers come in. Taking the same concept of the massage chairs, foot massagers target the bottom of your legs from the ankle to the toes.

Most foot massagers require you to put your feet inside or in between the massage opening. Once you have your feet in it, you can choose which level of pressure you want on your feet. For most foot massagers, you should be able to choose movement speed too.

Slimming massagers

Did you know you can get slim with massagers? There’s a way to slim your body using vibrations and massaging movements. There are also massagers created to sculpt and shape your body to become your ideal shape. More often used by women, slimming massagers wrap around your waist, thighs, or upper arms and get to work. Using a tight grip and an elliptical massage movement, slimming massagers gently contour your body into an attractive figure.

Of course, it is not advisable to use slimming massagers if you have an injury or if you are prone to injury. Always consult an orthopedic doctor before attempting to use these types of massagers.

Personal / handheld massagers

Here’s where the fun begins. It’s exactly what you’re thinking. Personal massagers or sometimes called handheld massagers are designed to massage specific areas. You can choose exactly where to direct the massaging effect for maximum pleasure.

Handheld massagers are often used in sexual arousal. The vibrating motion of these personal massagers can be flexible to reach your erogenous zones without hassle. What’s better, they are so simple to use. With a press of a button, you can get these machines working and bringing you to a sensual high. So if you’re looking for a good time in bed but have no partner, try handheld massagers.