Waffles are indeed wonderful, but you’ll need a reliable waffle iron in order to enjoy them at home. Learn more about waffle makers below.


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Everything You Need to Know About Waffle Makers Philippines

A fresh, home-cooked waffle is immensely satisfying- perhaps it’s that perfect balance between a crisp exterior and a cakelike interior, or maybe it’s the nooks and crannies just oozing with butter and syrup. You might just have a healthy appreciation for Dutch culture, or for comfort foods that come in distinctive shapes. Or you may simply enjoy the fact that waffle makers are surprisingly versatile, or wonderful at crisping up just about anything you want.

How to Find the Best Waffle Maker

Settings and Controls

Waffle makers come equipped with several settings to help you achieve your perfect waffle. Nearly every machine comes with two basic sets of controls. The first is an indicator (usually a light) that lets you know when the waffle iron has been heated and is ready to cook. The second is a variable browning adjuster that lets you choose how light or dark you’d like your waffles to be.

Additional controls may come at a premium, but for those enthusiastic enough about crafting the perfect breakfast waffle, it may be worth it. Digital displays, automatic programs based on the style of waffle you’re making, and personal preference can all be adjusted.

Waffle Style and Portions

If you’ve given a little bit of thought to what type of waffle you enjoy most, that decision will go a long way in helping you choose an appropriate machine. If you’re delighted by the pools of syrup and crispiness of a Belgian waffle, make sure you find a machine that makes them large enough. If you’re comfortable with a classic waffle, there are plenty of reasonable options for those too.

Ease of Cleaning

If you’ve never cleaned a waffle machine before, you may not have experienced the torture of trying to clean a half-burnt, half-gooey batter mess out of the deep, dark crevices of a machine that should not under any condition be put under running water. The ease of cleaning your waffle maker is a consideration second really only to the waffle-making itself.

Waffle machine manufacturers understand the struggle and have made a few improvements when it comes to hassle-free cleaning of your machine. Most electric machines come with a nonstick coating, making it harder for the waffle to stick to the heat plates in the first place. If batter happens to stick to it, a light wipe or gentle scrub can usually remove any leftover crumbs. A quick hit of cooking spray just before cooking isn’t a bad idea either.

Types of Waffle Makers


Almost all of the electric machines on the market today comes with nonstick-coated waffle plates. The plates are either coated metal or ceramic, with a nonstick or Teflon finish. The exteriors are most often designed with plastic and/or brushed stainless steel features and are portable. When choosing an electric machine, look for models that have weighted lids to keep the top from popping up while steam is releasing and the waffle is expanding. Machines with lighter lids should have a clasp to keep the lid in place.

Any part of the machine that you need to touch while in use (the handle on the lid, the clasp, even the drip plate and base of the machine) should be heat-resistant to avoid burning yourself during use. Electric machines should be cooled completely in the open position before cleaning and removing plates to wash.


Less popular than electric models but just as effective in many cases, stovetop waffle makers are typically made of cast aluminum or cast iron. Cast aluminum models are made with a nonstick coating, whereas cast iron models need to be seasoned ahead of time and oiled before each use to prevent sticking.

Stovetop waffle makers are especially convenient for storing since they usually take up about as much space as a sheet tray. You’ll also find them handy on camping trips or travelling if you like to cook waffles on vacation.


It might be hard to rationalize buying another tabletop appliance that only has one purpose if you already have several pieces of cooking equipment. A convertible waffle maker might be more appropriate with its additional grilling plates. Perfect waffles that are accompanied by eggs and bacon, all cooked on the same appliance, add another level of convenience to this piece of equipment that may make it all worth it. A waffle maker that converts into a sandwich press for gooey grilled cheese sandwiches and savoury paninis can also really add to your cooking repertoire.


Frozen waffles are delicious, but nothing beats freshly-made ones. There are plenty of waffle recipes online, and once you’ve assembled the ingredients, you just need a waffle maker. There is a dizzying array of waffle makers out there, but you can never go wrong with brands like Cuisinart, Presto, Dash, Chef’sChoice, and Breville.