Washing and dryer nowadays are sleek and come in high-tech features in making laundry chores effortless and efficient than ever before. If you are looking for upgrading to a newer model or purchasing for the first time, check out our wide variety of products below. Read on to know more about what to know before buying a washer and dryer.

Which brand is best for dryers?


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A Guide in Buying Washer and Dryer in the Philippines

Purchasing a washer and dryer is similar to purchasing a car in that it can be a pleasurable or agonizing experience. Here are some tips to ensure that you get the best washer and dryer for yourself or your family.

Know Your Budget

The first question you need to ask yourself before getting a washer and dryer is how much do you want to spend on it? The least expensive front-loading washers are more expensive than the least expensive conventional top-loading machines.

High-efficiency washers normally use more water than most front-loading machines but far less than traditional top-loaders. They do not require maintenance, but they are more expensive to repair than traditional top-loading machines. With a few exceptions, all dryers are front loading and have either a drop-down or side swing door.

Space Occupy

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Once you've decided on a budget, you'll need to consider how much space the new washer will take up. Is it broad and deep, or narrow and tall? Is it possible to load the washer and dryer from the front, or do you have to stick to top-loading machines? Also, measure your laundry room so you know how much space you have, and keep those measurements handy when shopping for washers and dryers.

Top Load vs Front Load

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Front-loaders are required if you plan to stack your laundry machines or store them under a counter. You can choose between top-loader and front-loader if your space has enough room for either lids or doors to swing upwards or outwards. There are advantages and disadvantages for both types: top-loaders are often less expensive, but front loaders are more efficient, gentler, and more thoroughly clean your laundry.

Capacity Needed

How many people are going to use this washer and how much washing are they going to create within a week? The capacity of the washing machine is rated as cubic feet or as kilograms. Besides, capacity is also important when selecting a dryer. The first thing you'll notice is that dryers have a larger capacity than washers. This is due to the fact that as your clothes dry, they fluff up and take up more space. What you don't want is a dryer that holds less laundry than your washer; otherwise, you'll have to dry in batches. To avoid this, simply look for a dryer that is twice the size of your washer.

Energy Efficiency

To save your money, look for energy-efficient models with ratings ranging from A to C. These units include eco-friendly options such as a quick wash, which is ideal if your clothes aren't too dirty and just need to be freshened up. Some units have an Auto Weight Sensor, so the length of the wash and dry is determined by the capacity rather than a fixed time, reducing cycle time. Energy-efficient washers will have a wider temperature range, allowing you to choose a lower temperature to save money on power consumption.

Which brand is best for dryers?

It is true that the decision to purchase a new dryer does not exist as many as a new washing machine, but today's models include new technologies, such as power-saving heat pumps, ventilation or vent-free, Wi-Fi, and apps, just to name a few. According to U.S. News, here are some of the best dryers you can consider in order to make the best choice for your family:

  • Electrolux 8-Cubic-Foot EFME627U Electric Dryer
  • Samsung 7.5-Cubic-Foot DVE60M9900 Electric Dryer
  • LG 7.3-Cubic-Foot Smart DLE7300 Electric Dryer
  • Whirlpool 7-Cubic-Foot WED5000DW Electric Dryer
  • Amana 6.5-Cubic-Foot NED4655EW Electric Dryer
  • Samsung 7.5-Cubic-Foot DVE45R6100 Electric Dryer