Like tinkering around with computers or have a knack for coding want to work on your own computer? Then the open-source Arduino microcontroller-based kits are for you! Arduino microcontroller kits are affordable and very suitable for the beginners; read more here.

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  • History of Arduino
  • What exaclty is Arduiino?
  • Why should I choose Arduino instead of other types of boards?

The History of Arduino

The birth of the Arduino microcontroller kit began when Hernando Barragan, a Colombian student, created the Wiring development platform for his Master’s thesis project in 2004, in Interaction Design Institute Ivrea (IDII), Ivrea, Italy. Barragan had the objective in mind to create an affordable and simple solution for the everyday layperson to create digital projects.

However, things took a slightly different turn when his two thesis supervisors, Massimo Banzi and Casey Reas, added more component support to the Wiring platform and copied the source code to start their separate project – the Arduino we know today. Following that, many disputes over trademarks in many different nations over the Arduino trademark was had as the group of co-founders had a difference among themselves.

All the issues and conflicts that followed along the growth of the open-source Arduino was finally laid to rest when the two Arduino companies (formed through the differences among co-founders) would become a single entity.

The name Ardunio was named after a bar in Ivrea where the founders used to get together in; the bar itself was named after the Arduin of Ivrea.

What exactly is Arduino?

For a lot of people, it can be a little difficult to roughly get around the idea of Arduino. Arduino is basically an open-source (meaning accessible and can be developed by just about anyone) electronics platform that’s incredibly easy to use thanks to its software and hardware. The Arduino kits make it easy for just about everyone to learn programming and coding; turning inputs of any sorts through the board and having it respond as an output of any sorts.

Because of its affordability and ease-of-use, Arduino is used by many people as the core centre of countless electronic projects. Students, hobbyists, professionals, programmers – just about everyone can learn use Arduino for their projects with ease. Users can program the Arduino board using the Arduino programming language and the Arduino Software (IDE).

Why should I choose Arduino instead of other types of boards?

Arduino microcontroller-based boards are the choice of many people around the world because of its simple and user-friendly experience. It’s an amazingly great starting point for programmers of all skill levels, be it the beginners or the experienced users. Even people of different professions can use the Arduino boards to build projects, prototypes, and even interactive visuals for presentations. Each Arduino kit comes with easy-to-follow instructions that can help just about anyone get instantly started with their project.

  • Affordable – Arduino kits are very affordable when compared to other similar kits. The cheapest Arduino module is hand assembled.
  • Cross-platform: The Arduino boards are very user friendly and easily runs many different operating systems such as Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.
  • User-Friendly: Arduino kits are incredibly easy to use thanks to the Arduino Software (IDE). It utilizes the Processing programming environment, a standard that is used in programming lessons, making it easy to learn and utilize. Almost anyone can try to program an Arduino kit.
  • Open Source: Being open sourced means that Arduino can be improved upon and have its libraries expanded by experience programmers. Arduino is also compatible with AVR-C code because of its open source nature.
  • Expandable Hardware: Arduino boards are made under a Creative Commons license, meaning that third-party circuit designers can make their own modules that can extend and improve an Arduino board.

If you are a newcomer to programming or are already an established professional, there is a lot that can be had and done with an Arduino board.