As of the leading brands in gaming gear, Armaggeddon boasts full range of exciting gaming gear that you must get. Read more about Armaggeddon Philippines here.

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Armaggeddon Philippines - The Ultimate Gaming Gear

"You only lived once" seems to be the statement that boldly speaks about living without care or regard for consequences. While such statement have its own merits, Armaggeddon believes that life is just too short for you to waste time, energy and money on bad gaming gear that will ruin your gaming experience. Armaggeddon makes sure that you are able to immerse yourself in another level of gaming experience through its own range of exceptionally crafted gaming products. From the simple mouse to highly advanced gaming rig, all of them have something in common: they are all about valuing the ultimate gaming experience.

Despite its name signifies the end of the world, Armaggeddon does not mean that all hope is lost as it produces some of the best known gaming gear in the market. Whether you are just casual or hardcore gamer, Armaggeddon proves to be the real game-changing experience that makes the difference in elevating your gaming experience to its fullest. Take charge and embark on perilous adventure as Armaggeddon offers the meanest gaming gear on the block that makes you feel alive like never before. Welcome to the world of Armaggeddon!

About Armaggeddon Philippines

Founded on 11 November 2011, Armaggeddon has been growing to be one of the leading gaming brands ever since then. Even in a niche market such as gaming gear, it is still full of seasoned rivals but Armaggeddon still manages to impress everyone out there despite being the new kid on the block. In just a short time, Armaggeddon manages to get strong support from loyal customers who appreciate its sleek, functional and affordable gaming gear. In other words, Armaggeddon gaming products have been seen with great favor by casual and professional gamers alike. Not only that, its products have been well-received by the public as they receive numerous great reviews about being high-performance products that are reliable and affordable at the same time.

Established by Wanda Hu who believed in making affordable gaming gear that everyone can use, Armaggeddon emphasizes user experience which gamers are able to enjoy and excel in gaming at the same time. A true gamer at heart, Wanda found it hard to buy affordable gaming gear during her younger days. Felt compelled by such situation, she decided to create an affordable gaming gear that everyone can own. This was the beginning of Armaggeddon as it was born out of a dream in building great gaming gear that enables gamers to enjoy their games fully without burning their wallets. As a upstart brand, Armaggeddon faced numerous challenges and obstacles but Wanda and her team took a lot of effort to develop their first line of products which proved to be very successful as mentioned earlier. It is noteworthy that Wanda has been working on every Armaggeddon product. Even now, Wanda is still active in building and improving every known product in order to keep up with the latest technologies and innovations so that the customers will not be missing out.

Armaggeddon Philippines - Valuing The Ultimate Gaming Experience

As it takes a gamer to know another gamer, Armaggeddon is definitely catering to every need, demand and desire of every gamer around the world. When it comes to quality and user experience, Armaggeddon wants every gamer to be able to enjoy the game to the fullest without any limitation especially your budget. Such is true value of ultimate gaming experience when you are able to afford wonderful Armaggeddon gaming gear that will definitely make your day.

Amazing Armaggeddon Philippines Products That Redefine Gaming

1. Armaggeddon Gaming Mice

NRO-5 Starship III
Armed with Omron switches, the Armaggeddon NRO-5 Starship III has been said to be ultimate gaming mouse with its own good reasons for supporting such claim. The Omron switches enable this mouse to be more responsive. Not just that, it offers up to 12 macro-able buttons which adds tons of customizable options in order to suit your gaming style. In addition, you can experience total mastery of your game through CPI adjustments. Thanks to its Avago 9800 laser sensor, it can achieve up to speeds of 8200 CPI. At the same time, it is also designed to work well with most surfaces.

2. Armaggeddon Gaming Keyboards

RGB Raptor MKA-11R
This Armaggeddon keyboard is the perfect choice for you in experiencing your game to the fullest when you are able to feel the game within your fingertips. Armaggeddon RGB Raptor MKA-11R delivers such satisfying touches and crunches when your fingers meet with its keys. Where accurate keyboard typing or tapping meets with comfortable pressing experience, this Armaggeddonkeyboard offers such lovely pleasure in enjoying your game further. With its fully customizable RGB lighting options, you can always transform your keyboard to radiate with purpose as you can customize the colours to suit your mood and temperament.

3. Armaggeddon Gaming Headsets

Avatar Pro X9
As you experience your game and its environment, Armaggeddon AvatarPro X9 boasts wireless 5.1 Dolby Digital surround sound technology that promises unparalleled audio quality. This means that you can enjoy realistic surround sound that brings you deeper into your favourite games or even movies as well. Aside from that, Dolby Pro Logic II provides highly advanced steering logic for optimal channel separation so that a stable 5.1 virtual soundfield. In other words, this maximizes the surround system to a point that you can even feel the direction of the audio itself. Every sound that you hear from the game and movie is so real that you might think that you are living inside the game. At the same time, it also possesses analog, digital and optical ports so that it is compatible with various platforms such as computer, DVD or Blu-ray players, consoles and others.

4. Armaggeddon Gaming Speakers

Armaggeddon A7
As one of the largest 2.1 speaker systems, Armaggeddon A7 is a powerful speaker that aims to deliver solid yet smooth audio performance. Not just for gaming, this Armaggeddon speaker is also suitable for watching movie as well as partying! Boasting multi-driver design, Armaggeddon A7 manages to maintain such sharpness and clarity of audio despite being powerful. As it fills the air with highly detailed audio effortlessly, it is pretty remarkable that it creates the perfect balance between strength and clarity at the same time. In other words, it will not be just loud sound but also being clear at the same time.

5. Armaggeddon PC Chassis & Components

Armaggeddon T11 Elevatron
If you need a great gaming tower, you can always check Armaggeddon T11 Elevatron out. It is able to support up to 2 solid state drives as well as up to 5 x 120mm fans. Regarding high-end graphic card, it supports up to 290mm in length. Moreover, it also contains clear acrylic side panel so that you can view the beauty of mechanical precision in your mean machine as it handles even the heaviest tasks effortlessly. Not just that, Armaggeddon T11 Elevatron boasts the useful USB 3.0 ports on the front panel so that it will be easier for you to connect with other devices.

6. Armaggeddon Accessories

From simple t-shirt to gaming bags or backpacks, Armaggeddon is all about providing the best gaming gear that enhances your gaming experience to another level that you did not expect. Like every game that you play, Armaggeddon accessories are your great support gear that proves to be very useful.

Totally Immersive Gaming Experience With Armaggeddon Philippines

More often than not, it is still not enough in getting the most powerful gaming machine if you do not even have the proper gaming gear that enables you to enjoy the game to the fullest. If you are looking for the latest Armaggeddon gaming products, you are more than welcome in checking out Armaggeddon gaming gear.