Enjoying popular support from its adoring fans around the world, Arsenal is one of the most historic football clubs in the English Premier League. Not just that, it certainly deserves the well-earned reputation as one of the proudest football teams. As for Arsenal fans, there are tons of exclusive Arsenal merchandise that you can get for your collection! Read more about Arsenal below to find out.


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Top Must-Have Products that Every Arsenal Fan Should Get

Without further introduction, Arsenal is certainly one of the most historic football clubs that takes part in the English Premier League. Thanks to its long history of successes, Arsenal continues to enjoy its well-deserved reputation as one of the proudest football clubs. Moreover, Arsenal also boasts the fifth largest army of fanbase in the world. Needless to say, Arsenal stands as the second most valuable football club in England. At the same time, there are lots of epic Arsenal merchandise that you can enjoy as a true Arsenal fan.

From the exclusive Arsenal products to other popular Arsenal products, you will enjoy collecting them. While it definitely takes some time before you can complete your collection, there is an easy guide which will help you to collect the most popular Arsenal products. As a matter of fact, you will never go wrong with these products. Hence, this is a list of top must-have products that every Arsenal fan should get.

Official Arsenal FC Crest Baseball Cap

Simple and fun at the same time, this official Arsenal FC Crest baseball cap is a must-have for every Arsenal fan out there. Needless to say, you can always wear the Arsenal baseball cap every single day as a proud Arsenal supporter. It is definitely a dream for every Arsenal fan to wear this baseball cap along with other ardent Arsenal supporters as a sea of red and white at the Emirates Stadium. The Arsenal FC crest on the baseball cap is well-made as you can view its astonishing details and accurate colors.

Since it is one size fits most, you can always adjust the Velcro on its back to get the right fit for your head. Its lovely red and navy color combination also serves an exciting element that you can match well with your outfit.

Arsenal Metal Badge Snapback

Even if you are not a fan of Arsenal, you will be very impressed with the iconic Arsenal logo in its metal badge form. In fact, this handsome Arsenal metal badge snapback is certainly one of the coolest accessories that you can wear wherever you go. Thanks to its simple design, it will not be that hard for you to pair it with any of your outfits. Whether you prefer the sporty look or the street vibe, this Arsenal snapback is the perfect accessory to get your desired style. Minimal but marvelous, the Arsenal metal badge snapback has been said to be one of the most amazing snapback designs.

Whether you are looking for something to keep the glazing sun off your head on a warm match day or show your dedication for your favorite football club, the Arsenal metal badge snapback will be your best buddy. Most importantly, it is really a gorgeous headpiece that you can wear and enjoy as a true fan of the Arsenal.

Arsenal FC Authentic EPL Player Tie

Aside from being your practical accessory that you need to wear for your work, the tie is also another fashionable accessory that is rightfully admired. With the Arsenal FC authentic EPL player tie, you now have a stronger reason to wear your tie to work. Aside from pledging your allegiance to your best team in the world, it is also motivating to wear a tie that features the team that you have been rooting for. Thanks to the combination of the signature red and white colors as well as an embroidered Arsenal badge, they make your Arsenal tie to stand out from the other drab ties around the office.This bold Arsenal tie will let the whole world know that you are a faithful supporter of the Arsenal FC.

PUMA Arsenal Authentic Home Jersey

Like any Arsenal supporter, your entire Arsenal collection will be incomplete if you do not have an Arsenal football jersey. In fact, you are not even a true Arsenal fan when you lack this legendary kit in your own collection. The latest Arsenal home jersey takes the modern approach in the form of the new 2016/17 home jersey. In another defining moment in the club's prestigious history, this legendary Arsenal home jersey has been designed with the latest innovation in terms of design and material.

Using only 89% polyester and 11% elastene in its construction, this gorgeous PUMA Arsenal authentic home jersey will fit you well when you are wearing it. Not only that, it also has the dryCELL designation for moisture-wicking properties which help to keep you dry and comfortable at the same time. Thanks to the mesh paneling under the arms, it provides the much-needed breathability especially when you are sweating. Lovingly made by PUMA, you can see its iconic cat logo at the right chest and both sleeves. Most importantly, you can see your favorite sight, the Arsenal club badge, at the left chest.

Ultimately, this PUMA Arsenal authentic home jersey is still faithful to the tradition of Gunners and Gooners with its proud red and white colors. Overall, the Arsenal home jersey is said to be the most important Arsenal product that you should have along with its iconic white shorts (do not forget about them). Not just that, you must also get the signature red and white socks as well. While you can also wear it to play football or other physical activities, you should wear it along with other Arsenal fans to support your favorite team.