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How to Dye Your Hair with Ashley Hair Colour in the Philippines

Few things are as trying and rewarding as learning how to dye your hair at home. But as anyone who’s done it knows, there’s a reason salon appointments are so expensive. Colouring your own hair requires skill, dexterity, and a basic familiarity with science. Whether you’re going platinum blond or pixie-dust purple, there’s one hair colour rule that remains the same: always follow the directions on the dye box.

Is it safe to use hair dye?

It’s generally safe to colour your hair at home as long as you closely follow the directions for the products you’re using. That being said, do take note that both your end goal and the condition of your hair should be taken into consideration before you pick up a box dye kit at a drugstore.

Your Current Hair Colour Matters

The lighter your hair is, the more options you have. If your hair is light blonde, you can get away with using nearly any colour, and the result will be bright. If your hair is black or brown, it’ll be difficult to get any colour to show up brightly at home. The result will be more of a subtle “wash” of colour that shows up better under direct sunlight. The dye you use will likely have swatches on its product page to give you an idea of what colour you can anticipate based on the colour of your hair.

Do Not Try to Lighten Your Hair at Home

You will damage it; it will turn orange, and whatever colour you put on top of it is going to look nothing like what you imagined. Bleach is very tricky to get right, and can melt off your hair! It’s better to get a professional’s advice when it comes to lightening your hair.

Brace Yourself for Mistakes

Don’t dye your hair unless you’re willing to risk it looking funky for a while. If something goes awry, it may take more time and money to undo your mistakes than if you had just waited to see your regular hairstylist.

How to Dye Your Hair

  1. First, make sure to complete a strand test. Don’t skip this step! Shampoo your hair, but don’t condition it. Let it dry fully. If the strand test result is satisfactory, then protect your bathroom with old towels, wear gloves, and protect the skin near your hairline with petroleum jelly.
  2. Apply the dye to dry hair. Fully saturate your hair, and work the dye in until it gets frothy. Make sure to soak every strand. Cover your head using a shower cap and let the colour sit for as long as the instructions advise. You can use heat from a hairdryer or wrap your plastic-covered noggin in an insulating layer to make the colour more intense.
  3. When you’re done processing, rinse your head in water that’s as cold as you can stand- hot water will make the colour fade faster. Direct dyes act like conditioner, so you don’t need to do anything else after rinsing. In fact, you shouldn’t use shampoo for at least a few days. The longer you can wait to wash your hair, the more your colour has a chance to lock in.