ASOS Philippines takes you on a fun and sexy adventure with their exciting array of swimwear for men and women. Whether a one-piece, two-piece, a mono-kini, or board shorts, you can find everything on ASOS. Read more about ASOS Philippines and find out how to choose the perfect swimwear for your style.


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Find the Hottest ASOS Swimwear in Philippines!

An acronym for "As Seen on Screen", ASOS Philippines brings you the hottest fashion finds online from different fashion items such as clothing, bags, shoes, and even accessories! Established in June 2000, the brand has been a popular choice for men and women who want high fashion but on a budget. If you are looking for high fashion, ASOS Philippines can definitely provide you with everything you need.

Reasons to Love ASOS Philippines


Among the many reasons why people are choosing ASOS over other brands is the flexible price range. You can get anything and everything even when on a budget! This is the reason why many yuppies and college are so into this brand.

Stylish and Trendy

Besides being an affordable brand, you can never miss out on the latest trends with ASOS. Whether it's your favorite crop top or a gorgeous bikini, the brand will surely fill your need for fashion.

Durable and Good Quality

ASOS Philippines is proof that affordable doesn't always mean subpar quality. You can enjoy a few more wears out of your ASOS outfit better than other brands.

How to Choose the Perfect ASOS Swimwear for Men and Women

Among the many garments and fashion items that you can get from ASOS are their extensive line of swimwear for men or women. Perfect for any season, you can definitely rock a bikini or boardshorts at the beach or by the pool. To help you choose the best ASOS swimwear, here are some great tips to help you out:

Tips for Men

  • Choose a look that you would be more comfortable in. Go for shorts if you're feeling uncomfortable in swimming trunks with bold colors such as blue or black.
  • When looking for swimwear for men, always know what you need. If you're a professional swimmer, you would need tight fitting trunks or jammers. If you just want to hang out, a pair of boardshorts or swims horts would do just fine.
  • You can also choose an ASOS swimwear based on your body type. If you have a dad bod, wear swimwear with a solid color or if you're tall and big, solid colors would work well with your body. If you're tall and thin, baggy shorts are the best while if you're short and athletic, you can make your legs longer by wearing shorter brief-style swimwear with low waist.

Tips for Women

  • Choose an ASOS swimwear based on your body shape. If you have an athletic body, emphasize your silhouette by making your busts and hips bigger. If you have an apple-shaped body, try wearing swimwear that emphasizes your bottom. The opposite is applied to pear-shaped bodies wear busts should be more accentuated.
  • To bring attention to certain areas of the body, colors are used. Coordinate your swimwear by incorporating eye-catching colors and patterns to areas of your body you want to emphasize.
  • It is a prerequisite for swimwear to show a little bit of skin so wear your ASOS swimwear with confidence!

ASOS Philippines is a brand dedicated to their customers. From the quality of their items to service and price range, your satisfaction is always a priority for ASOS. Choose from their extensive of clothing and swimwear at iPrice!