If you're looking for the hottest fashion finds, ASOS Philippines brings together a great collection of clothing, bags, and accessories that would suit your taste and budget. Along with their own line of clothing, ASOS also has a collection of swimsuits for women! Check out the hottest ASOS swimsuits below or read more about the many types of swimsuits.

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Rock the Summer with ASOS Swimsuits!

Founded in June 2000 by Nick Robertson and Quentin Griffith, ASOS is a brand where every fashionista can get the hottest deals and trendiest items. Aside from retailing other big brands, ASOS has also created their own fashion line which includes tops, bottoms, dresses, jeans, and swimwear for men and women. Even if you are on a budget, you can definitely satisfy your need to be in trend with ASOS Philippines.

Types of ASOS Swimsuits

Aside from their own fashion line, ASOS Philippines also has a collection of swimsuits for women. Regardless of your shape and body size, you would be able to find the right swimsuit for your trips to the beach or simply hanging out by the pool.

One Piece

As the name suggests, a one-piece is a type of swimsuit that connects the top and the bottom into one article of clothing. A one-piece is most commonly used in competitive water sports such as surfing, Olympic and synchronized swimming because it reduces drag which makes you more streamlined in the water. However, there are also one-piece swimsuits which are designed for aesthetic purposes.


Otherwise known as a two-piece, a bikini is a type of swimsuit that consists of one top and one bottom which are separate articles of clothing. Despite its intimidating design, a bikini can be worn women regardless of the shape and body size.


Similar to a one-piece, a mono-kini is a swimsuit that connects the top and bottom together but with a twist. While it provides coverage for your midriff and stomach, not everything gets covered - it can be the lower back, the side of your waist or your belly button. The design provides a subtle appeal and gives the illusion of curves.


Another type of swimsuit which is growing more and more popular, a tankini is a type of two piece that provides better coverage by extending the top to cover the midriff and the stomach. Take it as a tee made from spandex, the top is what makes the tankini so unique.

How to Choose the Perfect ASOS Swimsuit

Choose According to Body Type

When choosing the perfect ASOS swimsuit, the first thing that you need to do is determine your body type. Apple-shaped women can wear a swimsuit that takes attention off their busts and into their hips while pear-shaped women can do the opposite and wear something that would highlight their busts. If you are rectangular or square-shaped, wear something that would give you curves like a monokini.


Another thing to consider when choosing an ASOS swimsuit is the function. If you are a competitive swimmer, then choose one that would reduce drag such as one-piece. If you are surfing, then a wetsuit would certainly keep you warm while on the water. If you just want to chill by the pool or beach, then swimsuits that are geared towards aesthetics would be a perfect match.

Shop for the Hottest Swimsuits in Philippines!

There are many types of swimsuits for different body shapes and sizes. Even if it's revealing, you don't need to be too self-conscious about what you are wearing. As long as you're having fun, looking good, and feeling confident, you can definitely rock and ASOS swimsuit!

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