Astro Gaming is a brand that has dedicated itself to being one of the best gaming brands out there that caters to the currently popular gaming lifestyle. Their headphones and accessories are not only functional in all aspects, but look incredibly great as well. Whether you are at home or on the go, Astro's gaming equipment will surely deliver. Read more here.

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Astro Gaming (stylized as ASTRO Gaming) is an electronics company that focuses on producing audio equipment and headphones that are targeted towards the gaming market, in particularly the gaming lifestyle. They have been in the industry for many years, with each year resulting in brand new innovation and improvements of their products to bring better gaming audio to gamers all around the world.

At The Epicenter of Technology, Lifestyle, and Design

Astro Gaming actually originated from ASTRO Studios as a spin-off company. ASTRO Studios is actually an American design firm that is located in San Francisco, California. They create and market a variety of products, brands, and experiences for many different industries. A common aspect in their products, designs, and marketing is the inclusion of pop culture that is with an amalgamation of technology, lifestyle, fashion, and ultimately marketed as consumer goods. The company was originally founded in 1994 by Brett Lovelady in Palo Alto, California.

Astro Gaming however, only emerged in 2006 when Astro Studios noticed that there was an strong rise in popularity for products that is aimed towards the "gaming lifestyle", such as professional grade video gaming accessories like headphones and controllers. To fulfill and be part of the rising popularity of these products, Astro Gaming was born. As a company that targets the lifestyle as much as to provide functionality, Astro Gaming puts strong emphasis on the design of its products – on equal terms with any other component and parts of the product and business as a whole.

Astro Studios and Astro Gaming has earned many awards for their great designs over the years, and they are also responsible for the design of several iconic electronical devices that was released over the years, such as the Compaq's IPAQ Pocket PC; Alienware's Computers; Microsoft's Xbox 360 and the Xbox 360's accessories. For awards: two Design of the Decade Awards; IDSA Catalyst Award; Red Dot awards; American Institute of Graphic Arts 365 Awards, and several others. Lifestyle headphone company Sol Republic also has Astro Studios to thank for the branding and product design when they were starting up.

Astro Gaming today has been acquired by Skullcandy and operates independently with its own private funding, ensuring that they produce the best gaming headphones with passion – designed by hardcore gamers for hardcore gamers.

Astro the Philippines - Gaming Headsets

Astro Gaming targets the gaming lifestyle with an assortment of incredibly high quality professional grade gaming headphones that not only sound good, but look better. Astro gaming headsets are built strong to keep up with all of the intense gaming needs a gamer will eventually go through.

Flexible headbands with skeletal frames ensure optimal comfort with superior air flow for extended hours of gaming. The earcups of the headsets are also adjustable to fit a variety of different head sizes with high quality ear pads that go over or on your ears for the best comfort and sound isolation.Gamers will also be able to hear a lot more with the professional tuned audiophile-grade sounds that will come from these awesome headphones, never will a footstep go unheard ever again.

Astro A40 TR headset

The Astro A40 TR headset is an incredibly versatile headphone that excels on all fronts and is often the go-to headset from Astro for many gamers worldwide. It was also chosen to be the signature headset for the professional video gaming league, Major League Gaming (MLG) in 2007, further sealing its reputation as an excellent headset. Astro Mod Kits (ear cushions, microphones, and more) can be added to the A40 TR headset to adapt to environmental changes, moving from an open-back headset to a close-back headset with noise cancelling features.

Astro A50 Wirelessheadset

Up your game with the Astro A50 wireless headset that allows your to experience 7.1 surround sound with the greatest clarity over KleerNet's strongest 5.8 Ghz wireless connection for ultimate reliability. People are usually very wary about buying wireless headsets because of the connection and sound quality, but the Astro A50 is very reliable in this sense.

Astro MixAmp

The Astro MixAmp is a USB soundcard and sound mixer of sorts that lets users tune the input and output of the sounds to their own preference, as well as mix it up with difference sources such your computer and your gaming console. As a soundcard, the MixAmp provides audio enhancements as well as an equalizer to set the sounds to your exact preference, giving you total control of your audio.

If you want to up your gaming audio and hear what you cannot see, then Astro's line of gaming headsets will take you there. Throw in the MixAmp and you will have all you need in your gaming gear.