Asus X53E Laptop Battery *About Batterymarket® *Batterymarket® offers Lithium-ion / Lithium Polymer battery packs including, Laptop Batteries, Power banks, Power Tools and more. *We are delight to provide customer High quality /Reliable / Factory direct price batteries here! *Compatible with These Original Part Numbers: *ASUS:A32-K53,A42-K53,A43EI241SV-SL,A31-K53 *Fits Machine Models: ASUS:A43,A43BR,A43BY,A43E,A43S,A43SA,A43SD,A43SJ,A43SM,A43SV,A43TA,A43TK,A43U,A45,A45A,A45DE,A45DR *A45N,A45VD,A45VG,A45VM,A45VS,A53BR,A53BY,A53E,A53SC,A53SD,A53SJ,A53SK,A53SM,A53SV,A53TA,A53TK * *A53U,A53Z,A54,A54C,A54H,A54HR,A54HY,A54L,A54LY,A83,A83BR,A83BY,A83B,A83B,A83E,A83S,A83SD,A83SJ,A83SM, *A83SV,A83TA,A83TK,A83U,A83T,A84SJ,A84S,A84,K43,K43U,K53,K53BR,K53BY,K53B,K53E,K53SC,K53SD,K53SJ,K53SK, *K53SM,K53SV,K53TA,K53TK,K53U,K53Z,K53S,K53T,K54,K54C,K54H,K54HR,K54HY,K54L,K54LY,K84,K84C,K84H,K84HR *K84HY,K84L,K84LY,P43,P43EB,P43EI,P43E,P43SJ,P43S,P53,P53E,P53SJ,P53S,P53XI,Pro4J,Pro4JE, *Pro5NE,Pro5NSC,Pro5NSD,Pro5NSJ,Pro5NSK,Pro5NSM,Pro5NSV,Pro5NS,Pro5NTA,Pro5NTK,Pro5NT, *Pro5NU,Pro5NZ,Pro5P,Pro5PE,Pro5PS,Pro5PSJ,Pro8G,Pro8GB,Pro8GBR,Pro8GBY,Pro8GE,Pro8GSA,Pro8GSD *,Pro8GSJ,Pro8GSM,Pro8GSV,Pro8GS,Pro8GTA,Pro8GTK,Pro8GT,Pro8GU,X43,X43B,X43BR,X43BY,X43E,X43S,X43SA,X43SD, *X43SJ,X43SM,X43SV,X43T,X43TA,X43TK,X43U,X43EC,X43EE,X44,X44C,X44H,X44L,X44E,X44EI,X53,X53B,X53TA,X53TK,X53T,X53U, *X53Z,X54,X54C,X54H,X54HR,X54HY,X54L,X53X,X53XC,X53XE,X54X,X5P,X5PE,X5PS,X5PSJ,X84,X84C,X84H,X84HR,X84HY,X84L,X84E, *X84EI,X84EB,A43,A43BR,A43BY,A43E,A43S,A43SD,A43SJ,A43SM,A43SV,A43TA,A43TK,A43U,A45,A45A,A45DE,A45DR,A45N,A45VD,A45VG,A45VM,A45VS *Please make sure that the battery part numbers listed in the description matches the battery part number on your original battery before you purchase. ₱ 2,425.00
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ASUS X441S ₱ 19,199.00 Lazada
Asus Strix GTX 1080 Ti 11GB ₱ 86,707.33 Lazada
ASUS RT-AC88U ₱ 11,162.60 Amazon
ASUS PG279Q ₱ 36,125.09 Amazon
ASUS GeForce GTX 1070 ₱ 38,899.00 LazMall by Lazada
Asus PRIME B250M-A ₱ 7,859.00 Lazada
ASUS ROG Claymore ₱ 8,577.00 Galleon
ASUS H81M-D ₱ 3,936.26 Lazada
ASUS VG245H ₱ 10,284.54 Amazon
ASUS RT-AC5300 ₱ 15,503.81 Amazon
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Asus Computing Philippines

 You can choose between several different types of Asus Computing such as Laptops, Hardware and Computing Accessories.  Asus Computing today are sold in either Yellow, White and Silver. With discounts up to 84%, you can now have your very own Asus Computing! ASUS X441S, Asus Strix GTX 1080 Ti 11GB and ASUS RT-AC88U, are the two most popular Asus Computing from the brand.', HP, Acer and Lenovo are some of the many options you have if you are not sure about Asus Computing. For a ₱ 130.00-₱ 262,451.00 price range , you can get yourself a brand new Asus Computing on iPrice!