With many years of experience in the computer industry, Asus has built a solid reputation as a leading technology expert. Over the years, Asus has expanded its expertise beyond the computing field, producing mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. If you are looking for affordable yet functional tablets, Asus is the brand for you. Find out more about the tablets offered by Asus Philippines below.


Asus Tablet – The Tablet You Should Have

Asus is one of the largest computer and electronics manufacturer in the world. Although the brand is primarily known for its computers and laptops, Asus has expanded its inventory to include a wide range of tablets as well. Asus tablets are the result of many years of innovation and experience in the technology industry. Each Asus tablet has been cleverly made with a large assortment of features and specifications at very affordable pricing. These are some reasons why you should have an Asus tablet:

Excellent Build Quality

Most Asus tablets are made with high-quality polycarbonate plastic which is immensely durable and able to withstand knocks and falls. There are also several Asus tablets which has its case and body build in a premium metal finish, giving off a textured finish and classy look.

Less Bloatware

Unlike many other electronics manufacturers who tend to put in a lot of unnecessary software and applications into their mobile devices, Asus only includes applications that are useful such as their proprietary SuperNote note-taking application into their mobile devices.

Affordable Pricing

Despite offering impressive specifications and innovative features, Asus has still managed to put its tablet prices at reasonable levels, making them affordable and accessible to everyone.

Tablet Series Offered by Asus

With a large variety of tablets to suit everyone's different needs, Asus's innovation has made their tablets an excellent line of products to consider, no matter what needs and wants you may have. The tablets manufactured by Asus are categorised into multiple series.


Looking for a tablet to keep yourself entertained while you are travelling or during your free time? Then you should consider the ZenPad tablets produced by Asus. Sporting IPS displays that deliver accurate colour reproduction and contrast, powerful processors to handle demanding games, movies, and videos without lagging, and generous internal storage to store your favourite multimedia files, these tablets provide hours of endless entertainment to their users. Experience responsive web-browsing and HD-quality gaming with ZenPad tablets.

MeMo Pad

The tablets in the brand’s MeMo Pad series are all-in-one devices that you can use for both work and play. Housing an impressive combination of stunning IPS displays with powerful quad-core processors, these tablets are more than capable of performing several tasks without showing any signs of slowing down. Whether you want to enjoy Full HD entertainment on the go or preparing for an important proposal, you can do so with a MeMo Pad tablet.


A tablet, smartphone, and a camera combined into a single device – that is what the FonePad tablets offer to their consumers. They feature a narrow bezel design for you to get more screen out of the device, perfect for bingeing on your favourite dramas. They also come with full 3G phone functionality so that you can stay connected anytime, anywhere. These tablets are also equipped with the ZenUI, Asus’ next-generation interface for the brand’s smart devices. This interface comes with over 1,000 upgrades and enhancements over the standard Android operating system, improving your overall experience with the tablets.