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Intelligent charging Designed to charge Dell Precision, XPS, Inspiron gaming, Asus Zenbook Pro and high-performance laptop series. It charges your notebook faster thanks to Lavolta RapidPower technology and an intelligent microchip inside keeps it safe from unexpected power surges and spikes. Like all Lavolta products, this power supply has been designed to a high specification. Built-in safety features include overload, over-voltage, anti-interference and short circuit protection. All our products are manufactured in compliance with US regulations, including emissions and safety standards. We maintain strict control over the entire product cycle by keeping a close eye over every step of the design, production, and delivery process. We are confident in the quality of the Lavolta products, and this product comes with a 24-month warranty and a 30-day money back guarantee. Compatibility: ✅ Dell Inspiron 13 7347 7348, All-in-One Dell Inspiron 24 7459 ✅ Dell Precision 15 5510 M2800 M3800 ✅ Dell XPS 15 9550 9530 ✅ Dell part # TNMGP, TX73F, 332-1829, 492-BBIN, 492-BBIP, HA130PM130, DA130PM130, RN7NW, 06TTY6, 6TTY6, ADP-130EB BA ✅ Asus Zenbook Pro UX501VW UX501JW U500VZ UX51VZ; X51VZ-XB71 UX51VZ-CN035H UX51VZ-CN025H UX51VZ-CN036H UX51VZ-CM042P UX51VZ-DH71 UX51VZ-XH71 ✅ Asus E451LD Q524UQ Q534UX; E451LD-XB51 Q524UQ-BBI7T14 Q534UX-BBI7T16 ✅ AsusPro PU301LA PU401LA PU500CA; PU500CA-XO002X PU500CA-XO010G ✅ AsusPRO Advanced B400 B400V B400A B551L B551LA BU400A BU400V BU400VC BU401L BU401LA BU401LG; B400A-XH52 B400A-XH51 B551LG-CN009G B551LG-XB51 BU400VC-W3040X BU401LA-CZ020G ✅ Asus ROG G501JW G501VW; G501JW-BHI7N12 G501VW-BSI7N25 ✅ Asus part # ADP-90YD B, EXA1202YH, UX90W-01, 0A001-00050800-14009-00080400, 0A001-00041300-14009-00150900, 0A001-00041300-14009-00080400, 90XB00JN-MPW000, -MPW010, -MPW020, -MPW030, -MPW040, 90XB00JN-MPW050, 90XB00JN-MPW060 Read more

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