Having just a great pair of speakers or headphones is the ultimate in the goal of looking for great sounding audio. However, there are still many small factors that can affect sound – either making it better or making it worse. For those constantly on the go should also protect their headphones and earphones with protective cases and even replacement audio cables should the worst happen. Read more about audio accessories here.


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Top Audio Accessories Price List 2020

Top 10 products Price Store
Bose SoundLink Mini II Replacement Charging Cradle ₱ 2,710.00 Amazon
Sennheiser HD 598 Genuine Replacement Ear Pads SE ₱ 251.00 Lazada (sponsored)
Bose SoundLink Mini Travel Bag ₱ 355.52 Lazada (sponsored)
Bose StayHear ₱ 433.17 Amazon
Bose UB-20 Series II ₱ 1,647.41 Amazon
Shure GLXD4 ₱ 17,346.00 Galleon
Audio-Technica AT-LP1240-USB ₱ 39,752.00 Galleon
JBL Molded Travel Case Xtreme Portable Bluetooth Speaker ₱ 330.76 Lazada (sponsored)
Sennheiser Hard EVA Small Storage Case ₱ 243.00 Shopee
Pioneer DJ Controller Bag ₱ 2,130.00 Lazada (sponsored)
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News about Audio Accessories

Every Traveller Needs This New Digital Earphones from Google

20 October 2017

Technology continues to break boundaries; this time, with language. Perhaps the biggest technology company in the world, Google has released a new set of digital earphones that would take Google Translate to the next level.

Technology continues to break boundaries; this time, with language. Perhaps the biggest technology company in the world, Google has released a new set of digital earphones that would take Google Translate to the next level.

Audio & Hi-Fi Accessories Philippines

When it comes to audio, there is the mass consumer group which commonly want trendy looking and okay-sounding audio products, then there is the ‘audiophile’ group which want only the best of the best possible when it comes to sound. The two group are distinctively different in their prioritization of audio products, but in the end might still require accessories for their audio products.

Accessories for audio and hi-fi equipment are the little things that matter – most especially if you’re an audiophile that can listen to slight differences with the change of an audio cable. Besides cables, there are also a bevy of other types of accessories out there for your audio needs; after all, you want to get the most out of your headphones and speaker systems

Audio Cables Philippines

Whenever audio accessories are mentioned, the most common one is often the cable. More often than not we always see our audio cables breaking from daily wear and tear. When it comes to headphones and speakers with removable cables, it is easy and convenient to replace it when it goes bad; however, it is a little bit difficult when it comes to products without a detachable cable.

There are several different types of cables and connector that can transfer audio signals from one device to your headphones, earphones, or speakers:

  • 5mm jack: This is the most commonly found plug on audio cables, found on everyday headphones and the jacks in your smartphones.
  • Quarter-inch jack: Also known as the guitar-jack, this type of cable is commonly used with instruments and line-in connections.
  • XLR: Cables usually used in professional equipment such as in microphones.
  • TRS: Another type of cable connector commonly found in recording equipment.
  • RCA: A pair of common red and white cable connector that is commonly seen on home speakers.

Headphone Cases Philippines

A good protective case is a very important companion to your favourite pair of headphones when you’re out on the road. A good case protects your headphones from the never-ending dangers of environmental elements. Headphone cases come in all shapes and sizes, and in both hard cases or soft pouches. Smaller and more compact headphone cases usually fit in foldable headphones. For earphones, a case is usually included when you buy a pair, but in case they don’t, there are also a bevy of soft or hard cases out there.

Headphone Stands Philippines

What about those expensive headphones that you’ll never bring outside your door? Those great pairs of headphones deserve a special place too. A nice elegant headphone stand can be a great place to store your headphones when you are not using them. Not only does it keep your headphones tidy, but also eliminates the chances of any damage from resting on your desk.

Great audio equipment is truly great – but in the end sometimes there are the little things that can make it all the better, such as higher quality cables. So get the most out of your audio equipment with audio accessories right here.