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Wireless headphones are the latest technology that improved the way we listen to music or audio and watch a movie in our portable devices or computers. The main selling point of these wireless headphones is the freedom and comfort that it gives to its users. They're a pretty handy and efficient choice if you're after top notch audio experience. See what else these wireless headphones can do here!

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Wireless Headphones: Allowing Yourself to Disconnect and Live Free

Whether you enjoy the company of a headphone for pure bliss or simply to suit your day to day style, finding the best one that would fit your need takes more than just giving it a first look. With so much variety of headphones that are available today, On-Ear headphones remains to be the type that are less detrimental to the ears but can provide a richer sound and better performance. In addition to that, all thanks to modern technology, many headphones now are wire free. Wireless Headphones

Why Wireless Headphones?

For many, music is a great motivation to get their creativity moving or wake their senses. To some, it spells the difference between productivity and being idle. While the benefits of listening to music is not debatable, the instrument used to do so is. Though the ear buds or the regular headsets are practically the most convenient type that everyone could just carry around anytime, upgrading to an on-ear headphone will prove to be more beneficial.

  • Convenience - Wireless headphones are simply the most convenient headphones since the invention of the standard headsets. Unlike wired headphones, users are not tethered to their device, and can free move anywhere and however they want. Wireless headphones can support listening from a device at a distance, which regular headphones can't do.
  • They fit over the ear very well and securely, and because there's no more cord attached to it, there will be lesser chance for the earphones to be accidentally caught by an object.
  • It's a standard for wireless headphones to come with built in volume control.
  • Noise cancellation is one of the built in features of wireless headphones. The good thing about it is it's noise cancellation is more superior than the regular headphones.
  • Many wireless headphones are foldable, making it easier to keep inside your bag or pouch.
  • They would last longer than the traditional headphones, because they don't have a cord which is 90% of the time the main cause why most headset become useless.

Types of Wireless Headphones


These are the traditional wireless headphones that can be with for simple audio and video pleasures like music and movies. Generally, its earphone portion is rounded enough to fit comfortably over the ears. These standard wireless headphones are the most affordable because of the fact that they don't come with any audio augmenting features. The distance capacity and frequency range that these headphones offer may vary from brand to brand, so it would be advisable to check it first before choosing the one to buy.

With Added Features

These are the wireless headphones that are high tech and fancy. This is where headphones from Beats, Soul, Harman Kardon and the likes belong, due to its audio enhancement that are highly engineered by experts in the field of headset production. These type of wireless headphones are typically equipped with superior audio technology, which augments the quality of sounds that it picks up from an audio device.

Computer Wireless Headphones

Wireless headphones that are optimized for gaming, chatting like Skype or other computer activities. It comes with a built in microphone and wired earphones. The range for this type of headphones are just average or sometimes below average, mainly because they are design to be used near a computer. However, the quality of audio it gives makes up for where it falls short, especially when tweaked with the computer's built in equalizers.

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