Although MP3 players have lost their lustre in recent years due to the emergence of other smart devices that provides a variety of functions other than solely playing music. However, if you are still looking for an MP3 player, there are still many great models available in the market to choose from. Read on to find out more below.

SanDisk Clip Sport 8GB Pink Large LCD Screen with FM Tuner for Easy Navigation The SanDisk Clip Sport MP3 Player features a large, intuitive colour LCD screen that makes the device simple to navigate and operate, even while you're in the middle of a workout. A built-in FM tuner lets you listen to your favourite FM radio station while you're exercising and can interface with your fitness club's wall-mounted television. 8 GB of Internal Storage and microSDHC Memory Slot The SanDisk Clip Sport MP3 Player comes with an internal storage capacity of 8 GB to house your library of digital music and audiobooks. The device also contains a microSDHC memory card slot for even more data storage space (microSDHC card sold separately). Supports a Wide Range of Music File Formats This product supports the popular MP3 and AAC audio file formats as well as Audible (Drm only), Flac, Ogg Vorbis, Wav, and WMA (no Drm). It has a 1.44-inch LCD screen (128x128 pixels), offers up to 25 hours of battery life on a single charge (2), and can be recharged using a Micro-USB 2.0 connector. Listen to Music and More While You're Working Out Enjoy music, audiobooks, podcasts, and more while exercising with the SanDisk Clip Sport MP3 Player. Designed for athletes and fitness buffs, this lightweight yet durable MP3 player delivers dynamic sound quality and can clip right to your clothing, allowing you to free up your hands and pockets during workouts. Disclaimers (1) 1Gb=1,000,000,000 bytes. Actual user storage less. (2) Based on continuous playback at 128 kbps Mp3; actual life and performance may vary depending upon usage and settings; battery not replaceable. (3) Card not included; sold separately. A large LCD screen offers intuitive navigation, while an FM tuner lets you listen to your favourite radio station. With 8 GB (1) of storage space, the player offers plenty of room for your songs and audiobooks, and an integrated microSDHC card slot lets you add even more storage (3). Lightweight MP3 player can clip to your clothing during workouts MicroSDHC extension card slot 1.44 inch LCD screen for easy navigation Plays Mp3, AAC and other common audio file formats Screen: 1.44" TFT 1.44" (128x128 pixels) LCD screen ₱ 2,949.03 Compare Prices in 2 Stores
Xduoo Nano D3 Portable HiFi Lossless Music Player Xduoo X20 music player features Dsd256, 24Bit/192k, five sections of EQ, HD IPS screen, enables you to enjoy the extraordinary experience brought by the well tuning. Adopts aerial aluminium material with CNC and matte process, with wonderful texture and hand feel. With proper weight and body shape, convenient to carry. DSD 256 Native Replay Direct Decoding Support Dsd256 lossless format music playback, the signal directly through the master control, skip the Dop, significantly reduce the sound quality loss, to achieve the real soundtrack playback. 4K HDR Vivid Music Experience Professional audio chip only for the music signal height reduction. As the 4K HD picture compare with 720p picture, 4K is just more clear and complete. Enjoy the extraordinary experience that the crystal music brings you. Feel the true sound of master tape music. Five Sections of EQ Heavy bass, Metal, Pop, Jazz and Unique five kinds of common sound effects for your choice, 5 sections of custom EQ adjustment, allowing you to fine-tune the various bands to balance headphones frequency response, Makes the music more balanced, the background music no longer covers the singer's vo Support Mainstream Music Formats The player supports the common Dff, Dsf, Wav, Flac, Ape, MP3 and other audio formats, Maximum support PCM 24Bit/193K, Dsd256 HD Lossless music. Built-in 8GB Storage Capacity Maximum support 256Gb TF/ Micro SD card, Can store about 6400 lossless songs, and you can enjoy 1600 minutes of music without repeating any. CUE Track Format Playback Support CUE file, show the whole album file songs one by one and select to play. IPS HD Display Using 2.0-inch IPS high-definition full-angle display, clear and delicate picture quality, enhance the visual experience. Intuitive and simple UI interface, user-friendly operation, can display the album cover and lyrics, allows you to see rich song information clearly. Specifications Specifications函数代码 Brand xDuoo Model Nano D3 Support Formats Dsd64-Dsd256(Dsf&dff) Ape; 16-24 bit/ 44.1k-96KHz Flac; 16-24 bit/ 44.1k-96KHz Wav; 16-24 bit/ 44.1k-96KHz Aac; Ogg, Mp3, WMA Battery 900mAh; 3.7V lithium polymer battery Display 2.0inch IPS HD full view, resolution 240*320 Body Material CNC aluminum all one molding Memory Built-in 8GB memory Expand Memory 256Gb TF/Micro SD Output 250mW(32 Ω) Frequency 10Hz-100KHz(±0.5d) Gain ±3dB Distortion ±0.005%(1KHz) S/N 107dB Impedance 8Ω-150Ω Playback Time 20 hours Charging Time Product Weight 70g Product Size 83 x 45 x 10 mm Package Contents 1 x Music Player ₱ 4,389.23
Xduoo 20 Portable HiFi Bluetooth Lossless Music Player with Balanced Output &Wireless Control Xduoo X20 music player features USB Dac, Bi-directional Bluetooth, native Dsd, 3.5 single ended 2.5 balanced output, 9018K2M chip, full balanced circuit design, dual oscillator, 10 sections of custom EQ adjustment, car play mode, HiByLink and etc, enables you to enjoy the extraordinary experience brought by the well tuning. Adopts aerial aluminium material with CNC and matte process, with wonderful texture and hand feel. With proper weight and body shape, convenient to carry. Professional DAC chip The professional DAC Ess9018 K2M chip is used to make the music signal highly reducible and high resolution. The sound stage is broader, enjoying the extraordinary experience brought by the well tuning, and feeling the true sound of the master tape quality music. Dual oscillator The independent double active ultra-low phase noise crystal oscillator is set as the clock source, and the jitter is reduced. Let music signal more accurate, do not appear signal distortions caused by timbre deviation. Native Dsd256 PCM384kHz/32bit; IOS & DFF & DSF format, maximum support Dsd256, let enjoying the beautiful music into the golden age, feel the original and most true recording. Support the mainstream audio format, no longer waste precious time for the music format transformation. Full balanced output The 4-way LPF circuit, 6-way amp circuit, 4 balanced output, 2 single ended output, each drive current maximum output of 140Ma greatly increase the output power, high quality music playback, broader soundstage, more accurate positioning, more details, more delicate sound, music is rich and colorful Opa1612 benchmark operational amplifier With the widely praised super low distortion, ultra low noise Opa1612 benchmark operational amplifier chip, the atmosphere and details of the music are presented as real as the presence of the concert hall. Bi-directional; Bluetooth transmission Bluetooth 4.1 Bi-directional transmission, support the latest Apt-X Bluetooth protocol, can be used as a source of Bluetooth emission nondestructive digital signal connected with the Bluetooth headset, connect with car audio speakers and tuned to digital turntable, can also be used as a mobile phon Hiby Link Open the Hiby Link function, and X20 will be decoking Hiby through Bluetooth, you can control X20 through mobile phone to play songs, browse songs, adjust volume, search songs, file management and other functions, the realization of wireless connection without taking out the player to complete all Bluetooth digital turntable Car play mode, driving with more fun. The car play mode, by connecting with the car audio, enables X20 to follow the start of the car to start, play the music and follow the car to shut down automatically, so that your cat can also be Hifi, like a walking concert hall, enjoying the good music at an 10 sections of EQ and 18 kinds of sound effects Choose your own sound effect based on your own preferences. In addition to the common set of regular sound effects, in addition to 10 custom EQ for your careful adjustment, ten sections of professional equalizer is used for bringing more melodious voice, so as to alleviate the lack of response on t Specifications Brand Xduoo Model X20 Support Format Native DSD 256, 32bit/384K, Iso, Dff, Dsf, Ape, Flac, Wav, Aiff, Alac, Aac, Mp3, Ogg, Wma, etc DAC Chip Es9018K2M Opamp Opa1612+Lmh6643 Expand Storage 256Gb TF/Micro SD card Bluetooth Dual way Bluetooth 4.0, and support Aptx Oscillator Dual Oscillator Jack 3.5mm Headphones Output Power 210mW(32Ω /thd+N Frequency 20Hz~20KHz(±0.5dB) Distortion 0.005% (1KHz) S/N 114dB Jack 2.5mm Headphones Output Power 300mW(32Ω/THD+N Frequency 20Hz~20KHz(±0.5dB) Distortion 0.005%(1KHz) S/N 116dB Jack Line Out #value! Frequency 20Hz~20KHz(±0.5dB) Distortion 0.0012%(1KHz) S/N 114dB Battery Rechargeable 2400mAh lithium polymer battery Aluminum Body Aluminum alloy Charging time Battery Life Around 9 hours Product Weight 138g Product Size 110 x 56 x 16.6mm Package Contents 1 x Music Player ₱ 13,436.42

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Sony NW-A25 ₱ 10,461.03 Lazada
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Factors to Consider When Buying an MP3 Player in the Philippines

MP3 players were once hot and essential devices in our lives but in this technological era, MP3 players’ popularity is slowly waning. However, there are still many reliable models to choose from if you are looking for MP3 players. There are a few factors that you should consider to ensure that you buy the right MP3 player to suit your needs.

Storage Capacity

The main purpose of having an MP3 player is to be able to play your favourite music wherever you go. Hence, you should consider the amount of storage space available to make sure that the device is able to store all your music files with ease. Typically, a 512MB to 1GB player will be able to hold up to 200 songs. Thus, if you have a large music collection then you should look for devices that can offer at least 10GB of storage as they can hold up to 2,900 MP3 files.


Before you purchase an MP3 player, you should also consider its portability. If you have a healthy lifestyle and will be using the player during your workouts, then you will need a player that is compact and easy to carry around. Moreover, the device should also feature a flash-based system as they have no moving parts and will not skip despite performing vigorous activities. A portable device will also ensure that it does not take up too much space which enables you to focus better on your workouts.


While choosing a music player, you should also make sure that the device’s interface is user-friendly and easy to access while you are on the go. You do not want to have a device that requires too much of your attention to choose your jam, distracting you from the flow of your workout. This factor is often overlooked by many users and might cause dissatisfaction in the long run. You should also ensure that the screen is bright enough to provide ample visibility both during the day and at night without straining your eye.


Another factor to consider before purchasing your next MP3 player is to see how the device is powered. Many MP3 players today come with rechargeable batteries that are convenient and provide longer-lasting battery life. Moreover, MP3 players that are rechargeable also allows you to save money as you do not need to replace the batteries when the battery juice runs out.


You should also ensure that the music player is able to complement many accessories that add versatility to the device. For example, if you usually use the music players on the go, you should have a car charger for you to recharge the device while you travel. Also, most music players come with headphones but they are usually not of very good quality. Hence, you should invest in a better pair to improve sound quality.