If you're on the look out for a great selection of speakers, you can check out the latest speakers price list in the Philippines September 2018 below! All you need to do is filter your search, compare various products in terms of price and specs, and you're all set!

Most popular model: JBL Flip 4, ₱ 4,799.00; Beats by Dr. Dre Beats Pill, ₱ 924.00; Bose SoundTouch, ₱ 10,460.00
Cheapest model: Logitech Z120, ₱ 580.00


Top Speakers Price List 2021

Top 10 products Price Store
Bose F1 Model 812 ₱ 50,094.30 Amazon
Marshall Woburn ₱ 26,000.00 Amazon
Marshall Stanmore ₱ 13,000.00 Lazada
Marshall Kilburn Wireless Bluetooth Portable Speaker ₱ 7,500.39 Lazada
Razer Nommo ₱ 5,395.00 Shopee
Logitech Z120 ₱ 479.00 Lazada
Bose 251 ₱ 19,957.49 LazMall by Lazada
Logitech Z200 ₱ 2,919.00 Lazada
Logitech G560 Lightsync Gaming Speaker ₱ 8,650.00 Lazada
Logitech Z213 Multimedia Speaker ₱ 1,199.00 Lazada
Most Popular
Bose Bose F1 Model 812

Available in Amazon ₱ 50,094.30 Go to Shop

A simple guide to choosing speakers

The beauty of sound; projected through the simple yet sophisticated technology of speakers can work wonders. It can get people’s attention, disseminated intricate music, blast sound effects, and give up a realistic view of the world we watch. Choosing a set of speakers then is not a simple task one can overlook. It takes time and an appreciation for quality audio to get the best out of our search for speakers. Here in the Philippines, we are blessed to have hundreds of types of speakers to choose from. But how do we choose the right speaker or speaker set? Here are some steps to consider.

Know what you’re looking for

Much like any other process, it is important that we know what we’re looking for. Are you considering a set of speakers or an individual sound box? Are you going for a large-scale speaker set for an auditorium/stadium, or are you thinking of a PA system for an office setting? Once you know what you are going for, you can narrow down your search to make it easier. If you are unsure, it is always best to get advice from a professional. Try going on YouTube for recommendations on speaker selections.

Understand your speaker options

When purchasing anything, we need to know what our options are. This will give us a wide variety of choices to choose from and possibly make the decision easier. When we talk about speaker sets, it is important to know some terminology of speakers. Here are some words you might come across when picking out a speaker:

  • Driver: The membrane cone or circular part of a speaker that vibrates to produce sound.
  • Tweeter: A small drive that is often only an inch in diameter; it produces high-frequency tones – or treble, as musicians and audio enthusiasts will know.
  • Cabinet: The enclosure where the speaker components are placed. The material used also affects the many different sounds.
  • Satellite: A small speaker that includes a larger main driver and also tweeter to provide a complete sound

Here are some speaker types:

  • Soundbars
  • Bluetooth/Wireless speakers
  • Car speakers
  • Guitar amps
  • Surround sound speakers
  • HiFi speakers

Go for quality

Don’t skimp on quality when it comes to electronics. The same can be said about speakers. Never ever go for a cheap brand. You might save on the cost, but end up having inferior sound quality. This is where we look for the biggest brands in the speaker market.

In the Philippines, the speaker brands that are not only popular, but of high quality are JBL, Logitech, Marshall, Bose, Pioneer, HP, and Harman Kardon. These brands are famous thanks to decades of quality and innovation in design and technological breakthroughs. Stick to these brands and you won’t go wrong.

Shop the smarter way

Now that you have a rough idea on how to choose your speakers, it’s time to shop. The best way to shop for your speakers is to survey your options online. Shopping online also gives you the ability to access user reviews on the speaker of your choice. Consumers who have purchased the selection of speaker can attest to its performance. From there, you can make your judgment whether to purchase it or not.