From professional microphones, sound mixers, phonograph cartridges, casual use headphones, and professional use headphones, Audio-Technica Philippines has been one of best in the audio industry. The Japanese born company has had quite an extensive history with audio equipment and personal audio, with this history they have been able to make products that are very well acclaimed such as their legendary ATH-M50 headphones.


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Audio-Technica Philippines - Putting Japanese perfection into sound.

Land of the rising sound, Audio-Technica Philippines

1962 saw the rise of Audio-Technica, a Japanese professional audio equipment manufacturer, marketer, and distributor. Audio-Technica was founded by Hideo Matsushita; the company initially began as a phonograph cartridge manufacturer - the needle head of a phonograph (those big vinyl players or turntable). Their first products were the state-of-the-art AT-1 and AT-3 MM stereo phono cartridges; these sold out quickly and their business expanded as fast.

Soon Audio-Technica began to further develop other high-end professional audio equipment as the time went on. They now manufacture a variety of audio equipment such as professional wireless microphones, headphones, mixers, wireless systems, and phonographic cartridges among others. Throughout the years of development and experience with producing all the high-performing equipment, Audio-Technica Philippines has garnered enough skill and history with the art of sound. This has given them the upper hand and the knowledge to produce audio-equipment that are high quality, durable, and feature great price to performance ratios.

Interesting facts of Audio-Technica Philippines

Audio-Technica has come a long way with many notable facts under their wing, including several awards and several firsts.

  • Audio-Technica received an award in 1965 from Agency of Industrial Science and Technology for AT-1001 tone arm.
  • Started shipping phono cartridges worldwide and launched the first microcassette recorders in 1969.
  • The AT-700 - Audio-Technica's first headphones, launched in 1974.
  • AT4033 Audio-Technica condenser microphone is chosen as the best microphone of 1991 at the Audio Engineering Society convention in 1992.
  • One of the earliest manufacturers of stage-use headset microphones in 1990.
  • Audio-Technica has also been the sole supplier of microphones of the past 10 years for the Grammy Awards.
  • Provided audio equipment for TV shows as well as the Olympic games in the past years.

Audio-Technica Phillipines products

Those who know about Audio-Technica Philippines will always have a common product that will come to mind: headphones and earphones. Although the company produces a lot of many other audio equipment such as microphones and phonograph, they are best known for their consumer focused products which are their headphones and earphones.

Before explaining to you the various types of headphones Audio-Technica Philippines has however (including their ever famous AT-M50 headphones), we'll take this time to go over some types of headphones and earphones to ensure you get the right model.

  • Audio-Technica AT-M50X:

    The M50X are successors to the ever legendary AT-M50 monitor headphones. These are very well received headphones and are praised and used by audio engineers audiophiles every time. The ATH-M50X has a very large frequency range provided by its 45 mm drivers with a amazing crystal clear clarity and yet packing a very deep and accurate bass response. The M50X is not only amazing in the sound department, but its very construction is very robust and also portable. The headphones have swiveling ear cups and a foldable body which makes it convenient and compact for transport for your travelling or the like. The M50X also comes with three detachable cables, one of which features a coiled cable for a longer and safer reach so that the cable will be less prone to breaking when you try to reach far away from the plug - not that you should move ridiculously far anyway. If you're looking for a really great pair of headphones that not only sound good, but will also stand the test of time through wear and tear, then the AT-M50X should be in your list of headphones to consider.
  • Audio-Technica ATH-S100IS:

    If you are more into making a statement while you are taking it to the streets, then you will be more suited to the ATH-S100IS street monitoring headphones. These headphones have very catchy color trims such as green, blue, and even pink! These are very lightweight headphones with the cables only on one side so you can always be on the go with your music without having unneeded weight on your head nor deal with any unnecessary cable management. The headphone's inline microphone is also compatible with your phone so you don't have to unplug it just to answer that pesky phone call that's interrupting your song. Whoever said you can't have good audio with style?
  • Audio-Technica ATH-CKS550IS:

    Headphones aren't your thing? No problem - then earphones will do. The ATH-CKS550IS earphones are compact yet powerful. The small 9.8 mm drivers may seem insignificant on paper, but they pack a mean solid punch with the bass. These earphones are also engineered for a very strong sounding bass - if you're a bass head, then you should not miss out on these earphones. It also comes with an in-line microphone for your further convenience.

Different types of earphones and headphones that you should understand before getting one.

  • Earphones or earbuds: You will most likely have a bunch of these hanging around (hopefully not all on your ears at once) as they are usually supplied as a freebie with your phone. They are very inexpensive most of the time and are very compact as they are just literally two buds with cables attached to them. The downside are that they usually cannot provide a very good sound experience. However if you prefer to be able to still hear your surroundings, then these are good for you for they do not really provide proper sound isolation from ambient sounds.
  • In-ear earphones: These are earphones that are of a slight upgrade over the more common earbuds. These earphones have eartips that are slightly longer which reaches into your ear canal. They provide a very good seal in your ears and usually provide better sound - the more expensive ones provide very amazing sound quality. They can be very affordable, but the better ones usually cost a lot more.
  • In-Ear Monitors (IEMs): These are professional grade in-ear earphones that are most commonly used by musicians, audiophiles, and audio technicians and engineers. These - like its name - are monitors for these people to listen to a sound mix or recording at its true recorded form. For performers on stage (we are sure you've seen your favourite singers on stage wearing some sort of earphone while they are performing), these IEMs are used to help the singers listen to a mix of their own voice with the music that is playing - sometimes even some crowd noise is piped into the monitors for the performers to gauge how loud they are in comparison to the crowd. Most IEMs are also custom made to fit an individual's ear canal to provide a perfect fit. IEMs usually are very expensive, reaching into thousands for a custom made one.
  • Headphones: There are actually a few different types of headphones - and they are usually made in a combination with each other. Headphones are generally large and sit on a band that is placed on the top of your head.
    • Circum-aural headphones cover and surround your ears.
    • Supra-aural headphones sit on top of your ears.
    • Closed-back headphones are headphones which has sealed in drivers and have proper sound isolation.
    • Open-back headphones are similar to closed-back headphones, but they are usually open at the back of the drivers, letting ambient sound into your hearing as well as letting sound from your headphones out.

Headphones have much larger drivers compared to the common earphones that we use. Most of them are generally very comfortable as well, as they usually have sufficient padding on the headband on top as well as on the ear cups themselves. Open-back headphones provide a more natural sounding sound experience most of the time, but they are not ideal if you intend to use them when there are other people around as they will be able to hear it too. Close-back headphones are more ideal as they provide up to a certain extent of sound isolation for you and your surroundings. It should be noted that certain more powerful headphones will require more power than that which is provided by our computer or mobile devices; these usually require an additional headphone amplifier to provide the best sound quality.