Dress up your wardrobe with classy and suave watch designs from Axis. Let Axis Philippines show you how, here.


A guide to Axis Philippines as a brand of watches

Dressing up is part and parcel of looking good. One main component of looking good is to accessorize. Out of all the accessories, the watch is what makes or breaks an outfit ensemble. In the world of watches in the Philippines, one brand stands out as a premium watchmaker – Axis. As a brand that mostly specializes in the watch casings and displays, Axis puts out an impeccable technology in every timepiece. Bringing in technology that you will love, Axis caters to ever watch-wearer. Find out more about Axis Philippines by reading more.

Know your Axis watches

Before we go any further, not all of us know a great deal about Axis as a watchmaker. So let’s look into some of Axis’ best collections of watches. As with any other premium watch brand out there, Axis has collections both for men and women. Some popular choices of Axis watches include the ones below:

  • Axis Janice Leather Strap Watch AH2269-0301
  • Axis Limited Edition Batman-Superman Men’s Black Stainless-steel Watch
  • Axis Elaine White Rubber Watch AH2166-0403
  • Axis Men’s Silver Stainless Steel Strap Watch AH1238-0116
  • Axis Studio Black Unisex Watch ASJ3004-0201LG
  • Axis Ladies Gold Stainless Steel Watch AH2267-1203
  • Axis Ladies Printed Leather Strap Watch AK2256-1103

Along with premium watches, Axis Philippines also caters bags, backpacks in particular for the user on-the-go. Sporty and durable, these backpacks feature a personality of their own. You must be yearning to know more about Axis watches. Let us show you how you can personalize your Axis watches to suit your wardrobe.

How to choose your Axis to complement your ensemble

As many as there are Axis watch collections, so also there are ways to style your ensemble with a suitable watch. But to keep it simple, we should consider a few ways that both men and women can effectively accessorize their wardrobe with Axis watches. Here are several styles that you can find with Axis watches:

Go Street

Want to look suave and classy, yet with a hint of casual vibe? Axis’ Street collection features tapered textures of straps such as blue and brown suede or leather along with its signature round interface that are simple yet sophisticated. Match selections such as the Axis Unisex Street Watch along with your skinny jeans and a flannel shirt to look ultra-chic, or the Axis Emily Leather strap watch together with khakis and a V-neck top.

Dress it up

It’s time to dress up for the big occasion. Whether it be a wedding, graduation, piano recital, or The Oscars, a classy watch is a must-have! Dress it with classic watches from Axis such as the Axis Men’s Silver Stainless Steel Watch AH1238-0116 or the Axis Classic Ladies Silver Stainless steel Strap Watch AH2266-0103 to complete your look.

Lovey-dovey Pairs

When love is in the air, you start to think in pairs. Thankfully, Axis has watch collections in pairs. Give gifts to your loved ones with a beautiful timepiece from Axis with its pair collection, and get one for yourself. Each pair is made in 2 sizes: large and small to differentiate gender. Check out the Johnny and Janice collection for a bigger variety.

Now that you know more about how Axis Philippines can style your wardrobe, it’s time to shop. Check out the selection above for all the best Axis products. Happy shopping!