You may think hats for babies are useless but once you know about the harmful effects of the sun rays, you may want to think twice. There are many types of baby hats that you can get for your little ones.

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Types of Baby Hats You Need to Get Your Hands On

Babies and infants are vulnerable to all kinds of diseases so it’s important that all parents give them the proper protection from head to toe. When spending time outdoors, it’s suggested that you put on a hat on your little one to protect them from the UV ray or the wind.

There are several types of baby hats you can choose from, depending on your child’s needs. Typically, baby hats are made out of organic cotton, natural fibers, and wool.

  • Crochet Baby Hats. A crochet hat is usually hand-knitted using colorful cotton or wool yarns. They are breathable and flexible, guaranteed to provide the ultimate comfort for your baby.
  • Baby Bonnets. Your little one can resemble an 18th-century infant with this headgear. Bonnets are usually worn by girls and are made from thin and breathable cotton, perfect for a summer day.
  • Baby Sun Hats. Sun hats are broad-brimmed hat that can protect your baby’s head and neck from the hot sun. These hats often come with a strap to be tied underneath the chin to secure it to the baby’s head.
  • Visor Beanie. These hats are basically a combination of a sun visor and a regular beanie. It provides sun protection while also providing warmth for the winter days. They are often made through knitting yarns together.

Picking the Right Hat Size for Your Baby

Different brands and manufacturers will offer varying hat sizes so it’s best to measure the head circumference of your child’s head. Most baby hats can be worn past its suggested age if the material is stretchy or flexible enough.

Babies from 0 to 6 months of age will have the head circumference of approximately 16.5 to 17.25 inches. Older babies ranging from 18 to 36 months will have the head circumference of 20 inches or more. To measure the circumference, use a soft measuring tape and place it above the eyebrows

The Best Baby Hats

The hats from the brands below have been considered as the most popular baby hats due to its function, comfortability, and flexibility. They also have a stylish and cute design, appropriate for your little ones.

  • N’Ice Baby Sherpa Fleece Mitten Caps
  • Zutano Baby Fleece Unisex Hat/Cap
  • Urparcel Baby Boys Hats Winter Warm Cap
  • Demarkt Baby Knitted Winter Warm Earflap Hats
  • Amoureux Super Soft Turkish Bebe Cap
  • UPF CooliBar Splashy All Sport Hat
  • GZMM Unisex Fleece EarFlap Baby Cap
  • IMLECK Wave Toddler Velvet Warm Knit Wool Hat
  • Twinklebelle Warm Beanie Ear Flap Fleece Hat
  • VivoBinya Ear Cuff Knitted Cap

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