Nothing is more adorable than seeing your baby playing happily in a baby walker. Check out various types of baby walker in the Philippines and learn about the safety measures of using them below.

When can a baby start using a walker? | Do baby walkers affect development?

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Precautions of using a baby walker

Many parents like the idea of using a baby walker, even though it is not essential to teaching a baby how to walk. However, it works great in giving the baby support so that they do not fall as they learn how to walk. It also allows the baby to rest comfortably in an upright position. Before purchasing a baby walker, here are some precautions that every parent should know about.

Decide if your baby is ready for the walker

Every baby develops at their own rate, so there is definitely no set age for them to start on the walker. Nonetheless, parents should observe certain signs which indicate that the baby is ready for it. First and foremost, your baby should have learnt how to start crawling and sit up on his/her own. It is necessary for the baby to know how to sit up on their own as he/she needs to be able to sit on the walker. On the other hand, the ability to crawl is also needed so that the baby has at least some control over the movements in their legs. Another indication that can be observed is that the baby can pull themselves up on the furniture. This is so that it prevents the baby from getting hurt if he/she were to fall to the floor while in the walker.

Ensure your home is walker-friendly

There are several things to be kept in mind when a baby is using the walker. Due to the fact that baby walkers are meant to roll, make sure that the floor is smooth enough without any rugs so that it does not get caught in it. If your home is fully carpeted, there are walkers suited to glide smoothly on it. Your baby might get too excited particularly if it is his/her first time in the walker. So make sure that there is enough space for them to explore with the walker. Moreover, parents should always check the house for any potentially dangerous or fragile that may be within the baby’s reach. Also, make sure to block off any stairs with a baby gate to prevent your baby from accidentally rolling down with the walker.

Other precautions to take

Always keep an eye on your baby when he/she is in the walker. Parents should understand that a baby walker will never replace parental supervision. In addition, parents should just stay in the room where the baby is using the walker. This is because; with the added mobility, the baby is able to reach to potentially dangerous items that are not usually accessible when they are crawling. When using the walker outdoors, it is necessary for your baby to wear proper shoes as the surfaces are rougher and may injure him/her.

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When can a baby start using a walker?

The age recommended by doctors is from 6 to 8 months. At this age, the majority of kids are ready for staying upright with physical and psychological support.

Do baby walkers affect development?

Baby walkers hold the baby upright, so the child doesn’t learn the proper balance skills needed for walking. Baby walkers hinder or in severe cases, prevent the child from crawling and keep the child in an upright position which interferes with the natural brain development of the child.