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Knitwear is becoming more and more popular today because of its stylish design and unique texture. It is comfortable and perfect for colder seasons so that you can be snug and warm while being stylish. Taking the next step in knitwear is Bafy Philippines and their excellent line of clothing. Read more about Bafy clothing below.

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Bafy Clothing - Stylish and Comfortable

For many fashionistas, knitwear is an essential part of their closet. Not only does it provide style, it also provides comfort. Knitwear has a unique texture that you can't find on any other type of fabric. Providing you with luxurious knitwear garments is Bafy Philippines. Their extensive array of knitwear garments such as tops, outerwear, hoodies, jackets, and cardigans are all made in Italy. Luxurious and top quality, Bafy Philippines takes your outfit to the next level.

Clothing from Bafy Philippines

A household name in the fashion industry, Bafy clothing can be seen in many fashion capitals around the world such as Paris,London and New York. What makes the brand so unique is their contemporary approach to fashion using knitwear as a medium. Combining modern style with vintage and classic designs, along with top quality craftsmanship using wool and Cashmere fabrics you would expect only the best from the brand.


Whather long-sleeved or short-sleeved, polo shirt or a tee, Bafy tops create stunning looks by providing you with a canvas that you can style and Design. you can be as creative as you want to be pairing it with other knitwear garments, skirts, jeans and a whole lot more.


A favorite among many fashionistas, sweaters are comfortable garments that you can use anywhere especially in cold weather. it is also one of the best selling products from Bafy Philippines. the brand has all shapes and sizes for both men and women. You can use it as a stylish accessory or protect yourself from the cold weather.


Like sweaters, jackets are also a favorite from Bafy Philippines. Along with their sophisticated design, Bafy creates jackets with much attention to detail and materials used. you can create many amazing looks and still look fabulous with Bafy jackets.


Perhaps one of the most popular choice in outerwear, cardigans are a playful, exciting comma and stylish way to add drama to your outfit. Bafy creates cardigans for both men and women with the wide range of colors, fabrics and styles available.


Another popular choice of outerwear are hoodies. You can wear them on any occasion and pair it with any other garment available. this type of clothing is perfect because of its flexibility and modern charm. Everything you love and need in a hoodie is improved by Bafy.

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Bafy Philippines exudes in style and sophistication. Employing creative minds, a wide selection of fabric and excellent craftsmanship, Bafy Philippines create the most stunning clothing pieces you could ever have in your closet. Shop at iPrice now and discover a great deal of fashion items from various brands that you love!