Bags are more than an accessory or a way to carry your daily essentials. Today, bags define the very fabric of style and fashion, meaning, a bag can make or break your outfit. Shop for shoulder bags, canvas tote bags and more online. Find out more below about bags available in the Philippines.


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Different Types of Bags in the Philippines

Some say that bags are the most important accessory in your wardrobe and it's true. Today, the fashion world has a new-found appreciation for bags as both a practical accessory and a fashion statement. You can hardly step out of your home without chunking all that you need into your bag. Most importantly, your outfit will never be complete without a decent bag to go with it. A great bag just lifts up your entire look.

Bags can come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials used for its construction. Below is a list of different types of bags that everyone should know about.


A backpack is a type of bag that has two shoulder straps that allow you to carry it on your back, hence the name. In terms of storage capacity, backpacks are a great choice, plus they are easier to carry, making them ideal for traveling, shopping, school, and a whole lot more!

Shoulder bags

A type of handbag, shoulder bags are types of bags made mostly for women. Shoulder bags can be worn and carried by hand or in between your arms with the help of one or two short straps. One primary example of shoulder bags is tote bags and handbags.

Clutch bags

If you're ready to hit the club, clutch bags would be the perfect accessory to match your outfit. Instead of carrying a shoulder bag or backpack for a night out, clutch bags allow you to move around quickly. One disadvantage of a clutch bag is that they are small and can store only a limited amount of items.

Duffel bags

These are the type of bags that you take to the gym or for an overnight stay at a friend's house. Duffel bags are bags with large compartments often with a cylindrical shape to accommodate as many items as possible.

Sling bags

Another type of shoulder bag, sling bags or cross-body bags are medium to small shoulder bags that have a long string attached to the side. This allows you to sling the strap over your shoulder across your body and carry the compartment with ease. Sling bags come in a variety of types such as messenger bags or satchel bags.


For a great office look, a chic and stylish briefcase can do wonders. Used by both men and women these days, a briefcase is a must if you want a classic yet a modern office look. It is often made with a hard exterior such as leather, plastic or other sturdy material.

Knowing what type of bag you need is important for putting together the right outfit for the occasion. If you are looking for the hottest bags in the Philippines, check out the biggest brands in town such as Coach, Michael Kors, Longchamp, and so much more!

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