Besides our main carrying bags, there are other bags that are designed for more specific purposes such as shoe bags and diaper bags. Other forms of bags such as pouches further complement our carrying capabilities for an added convenience. Accessories such as bag locks adds a layer of security to our bags as well.


Other Bags & Accessories

Other types of bags

There are many different types of bags out there for us to carry and transport things at our convenience. These bags can come in the form of backpacks, sling or messenger bags, and luggage trolleys for those who are traveling. Besides these bags however, there are other forms that can enable us to carry smaller or more specific items, among other miscellaneous items.

Shoe Bags

These are bags that are designed specifically to carry our shoes and any other small items that may come it. Most shoe bags are rectangular in design to match the length of a shoe and are of universal size. They may also contain an extra compartment or two to keep other miscellaneous items and accessories such as extra shoe laces or sporting gloves. They are usually carried with a small handle on one side of the bag or placed into another bag to separate shoes from other items.

Diaper Bags

Diaper bags usually find the most use with parents who are travelling with their babies. Diaper bags are designed with a variety of components that allow parents to carry many items and diapers to ensure that they can always change their babies diaper whenever needed. Diaper bags also usually have compartments that are made specifically to hold bottles upright so that the bottles will not spill or roll around. Some diaper bags even have a portion of the bag (usually the opening compartment or flap) that can roll open longer to act as a makeshift bed or diaper-changing station of sorts. This adds a layer of convenience (literally) that will help parents during emergencies when there are no diaper rooms around.

Cooler Bags

Bringing cold drinks to a party or a potluck is quite a challenge without a cooler bag; depending on the distance, by the time you have reached your destination, the drinks will have risen in temperature. A cooler bag is made up of many layers of insulation which helps to prevent the loss of cold and prevent heat from getting it, keeping whatever items you have inside cool (usually cold beverages and food items). Cooler bags also come in many different sizes, depending on how much you have to carry; sizes usually range from a small four-pack (four bottle) size to a massive 36-bottle or can holding size.


There are also many forms of pouches that complement whatever existing bag we have such as belt or waist pouches. These sit on our waist and provide the added convenience of having quick access to our items. There are also pouches that go on the arms to store essential items during a jog or a run, and there are those which can attach to certain backpacks to further add functionality.

Bag Locks

In a modern world such as this, we cannot simply trust that our possessions will constantly stay safe. Even if our things are in the our bags, we should still secure it with one more layer of protection: bag locks. Bag locks come in either the traditional lock and key style used in our homes, or the ones with a three number combination. The bag locks usually lock the bags at the zippers, preventing people from opening the bags; most travel bags' zips come with large holes which can join and allow us to put a lock over it.