This summer, it’s always wonderful to be out under the warm sun, picnicking, sunbathing in the beach or even for a road trip. Now, you can keep your food and beverages chilled down for a longer time when you are out with cooler bags. Know more about them here.


Cooler Bags Philippines: Get the best cooler bags online

Cooler Bags Philippines: Keeping your beverages and food chill and cold

No matter if it’s a day out, a picnic, a house party or just a way of keeping your beer cold when you are out, a cooler bag is a must have. When you are home, all you have to do is throw everything in the refrigerator and an hour later, you get to enjoy your fruits, drinks, sodas or just anything else cool and chilled. But when you step out of your house, there is no way you can bring along your refrigerator with you, even if it’s a mini one, like a mini bar. (Where will you ever get power for it when you are out in an open field?) A cooler bag that is well insulated keeps your food, drinks, and anything else cool for as long as you are out. This summer, get your cooler bags from Full House, Gerber, Lacte and Disney Baby only at iprice.

Cooler Bags Philippines: What is it actually?

Human have been trying to keep food fresh and cool for centuries but it was only available in the vicinity of your home. But when the cooler bag was introduced, everyone rejoiced for now, they can say goodbye to floating sodas, spoiled food and soggy dishes when they are out picnicking. But how does the cooler bag work?

Cooler bags are built with a layer of insulation which keeps the cold food really cold. There a number of different styles of coolers, ranging for reinforced styrofoam versions to super high tech plug-in coolers which is able to draw on the electricity from a car or a generator. A normal cooler would have a layer of nonconductive material that prevents the heat from the outside to enter the inside of the cooler. They are usually made from soft, flexible materials, making them easy to carry around everywhere.

Cooler Bags Philippines: Criteria to look out for

Do you know how to purchase a cooler bag? When choosing a cooler bag, the first thing that you should think of is how you plan to use it. Cooler bags are available in different sizes, from slip on bags that only keeps one single wine bottle cool to large trolley bags for everything in your refrigerator. A hard cooler is able to keep foods cold more efficiently compared to sling ones as it comes with a dense layer of heavy insulation, but do keep in mind that it will surely be bulky and hard to carry around everywhere. Some coolers also have ice packs designed to fit into them to increase the capacity of keeping the food cold.

Cooler Bags Philippines: Cool tips on how to pack your cooler bags

  1. Pre-chill your beverages before placing them in the cooler. This enables the drinks to maintain its cool for a longer period.
  2. Pack your drinks and food in separate cooler bags. Food in the separate coolers would stay cold longer as it will be opened less frequently.
  3. Pack several ice packs together in your cooler bag to preserve the food for a longer period when you are out for long gateways. They are also ideal for keeping your drinks even colder.
  4. Even though fresh foods are placed in the cooler, it can still can cause cross contamination. Place them in air tight bags or sealed plastic containers to avoid that from happening.